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09/22/15, 09:10 PM
Have any of you heard about the new Superman comic book, Lois And Clark? I will discuss it, when I get the first new issue. :shock:

09/22/15, 10:34 PM
For a moment there I thought this was about that old show with Dean Cain, and Terri Hatcher.

10/14/15, 08:35 PM
I've just gotten the first new issue. In it, we catch up to Earth-Zero's Superman and Lois Lane Kent. They are living on Earth-52, and have been doing so for 5 years, since the events of Convergence. They are hiding from the humans of that Earth for 5 years under a false family name. In it, Superman try to prevent the creation of an enemy that has destroyed Coast City on his Earth. Meanwhile, Lois is writing an essay on Intergang, that might endangered her family if that earth's version of Intergang found out that she exist and has been spying on them. To find out what happpen next, get this issue. ;)

05/07/17, 01:16 PM
And as of now, the histories of Earth-Zero and New Fifty-Two have merged.

Massive Ego
05/07/17, 05:49 PM
Which was long overdue.