View Full Version : What if Saban's Masked Rider was made today?

Nebula Ranger
11/11/14, 11:52 AM
Although the trademark for Power Rider has long since expired, I couldn't help but wonder what an American Rider adaptation by Neo Saban Brands would turn out like. Sure we got Dragon knight a few years ago but that was by Adness, not Saban Brands.

So if Saban brands were to make a new Rider adaptation what do you assume it would be like?

Kamen Rider Fan
11/13/14, 10:24 PM
If Masked Rider were being made today, it would be an adaption of Kamen Rider Gaim. Gaim and his follow riders would be aliens from Edenoid who went to Earth to stop an evil alien. Some of the riders (including Gaim) will be fighting this evil alien while other evil riders will be working for this evil alien.