View Full Version : Jon Lester signs with Cubs

12/10/14, 02:26 PM
Jon Lester has signed with the Chicago Cubs and will be given a $30 million signing bonus because of the deal but only $20 million of it is upfront.

His deal is a $155 million contract for 6 years.
His deal includes a vesting option which will be worth $25 million and there are 2 ways for it to vest, it can vest with at least a minimum of 200 innings pitched in 2020 or it can vest with him pitching a minimum of a combined 400 innings between the 2019 and 2020 seasons.
He has a $10 million buyout in his new contract and he will receive a full no-trade clause.

12/10/14, 06:18 PM
Red Sox screwed things up by lowballing him in the spring. Could have had him for less. Once you get you Free Agency anything can happen. Great move for the Cubs. There close to being able to contend again.

12/10/14, 06:21 PM
No doubt about that they failed miserably with lowballing him in the Spring which of course dampened his trust in the owners.

The Chicago teams are trying to make a run for it this year, Lester certainly improved the Cubs for this upcoming season but they're not at a contention point yet.