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09/16/17, 09:51 PM
A Thousand Years ago the Outer Sailors refused jion the Silver Millennium or serve Queen Serenity. They protected the outer regions of the Solar System from outside invaders.

After the destruction of most of the outer planets, the survivors settled on Titan. Which was one of Saturn's moon. The Outer Mellennium flourished, protected by the four outers. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Titan.

Titan was the the daughter of the queen and Princess of the Outer Millennium. She was also charged with watching over the Fifth Outer Senshi. Saturn was sleeping on the barren world of her namesake planet. Her powers would cause total destruction of anything. Titan was in charge of watching over her.

After the beings of the Tau System attacked Saturn's moon , Sailor Titan mysteriously disappeared. Leaving the other three active outers to fight the threat the selvez. When all hope was lost they did they used their talisman's to summon Saturn. Saturn used her power to destroy the outer Millennium along with theor enemie. Pluto was able to stop time to save Uranus and Neptune. But as punishment she disappeared and wAs forced to guard time and space until the end of time.

But Pluto accidently saved the Damien Master as well. Uranus and Neptune followed him too earth. Just as the Negaverse invading. Neptune and Uranus died but were reincarnated with the people of the Silver Millennium. The Diamon Master went dormant but remAined alive.

Mistress Nine also survived by possessing Saturn 's soul. Both were reborn on Earth as well In the present tense Professor Tomoe was doing experiments to try and bring his wife back to life. His experiments led to an explosion that took the lif of his daughter. The DaiMon Master awAkened and offered Tomoe a deal. Allow himself to become a host and his daughter would be saved. He would also help him create a new powerful race

Tomoe agreed and became the host of the Daimon Master. Hortaru body became the host of Mysterious Nine and saturn, restoring her to life. Tomoe went to work creating a new breed of Damions and created the Mugan Academy to carry out the will of the Death Busters. Students were recruited and groomed to become hosts for the Diamons. Kilonight was Tomos lab assistant and was given the prototype daimon form. Which fed off her pure heart CrystAl. The Busters discovered that the pjre heart crystals of humans would gove them power like it did o Titan. Fives students gave up their heart crystals and were trained to become the Witches Five after being infected with special eggs themselves.

As the Death Busters began to steal the heart Crystal of innocents, Uranus and Neptune awakened to battle them. They found their talismans but remember Saturn and how she couldn't be summoned. So they decided to battle the Death Busters themselves . Until they encounters the inner senshi. Uranus and Neptune unknowingly befriended their civilian forms but were untrusting of them as Allies. They had no interest in working with them. Overtime Sailor Moon did start to earn their respect In the end Sailor Moon proved to be the key in battling the Death Busters. As the outers finally teamed with the inner in th final battle. Hotaru's will overcame Mistress Nine and Saturn awakened i side her. She defeated Tomo who had become Pharaoh 90. Sailor Moon was able to use her power to save the world from saturn's destruction and allow her to be reborn as a baby.