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12/07/17, 09:58 PM
I forgot to make a thread on this but new episodes of Roseanne will be airing on ABC next year.

ABC is officially bringing back Roseanne for an eight-episode reboot next year. The original cast of Conners will star in the new show. That means the return of Roseanne, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman and Lecy Goranson. Sarah Chalke will return as well. The Scrubs actress portrayed Becky in later seasons of Roseanne but she'll play another role in the reboot.
ABC says that the Roseanne will continue to see the family facing economic challenges. Barr will serve as an executive producer on the show with Gilbert, Tom Werner, Bruce Helford, Whitney Cummings and Tony Hernandez.


Estelle Parsons and Sandra Bernhard are returning to the show, a rep for the ABC confirms to ET. Parsons will reprise her role as Roseanne and Jackie's lesbian mom, Beverly Harris while Bernhard will reprise her role as the sisters' lesbian friend, Nancy Bartlett.

According to TVLine, Parsons will appear in two of the revival's nine episodes while Bernhard will appear in one.


12/08/17, 06:44 PM
Im glad they weren't cheap and brought just about everyone back.

Captain Codfish
12/08/17, 06:46 PM
I wonder how they will get around the finalie that revealed most of the series was a dramatized book of the Roseanne character 's life? Especially with Dan being dead.

Goldar's Revenge
12/08/17, 06:48 PM
The ninth season will be washed away as a dream or the real book. The last episode will not stand. Will and Grace did something similar with their finale in their own comeback.

12/09/17, 12:26 AM
Im glad they weren't cheap and brought just about everyone back.

how come you haven't said that about Digimon? not everyone was brought back for tri.

Also how about Gilmore Girls and Fuller House?

Gilmore Girls got mostly everyone back for "A Year in the Life" except for Tristan not entirely sure why but I guess Chad was busy with other projects.

Fuller House has gotten most people back except for Harry and Nelson who were both recast now I don't know why Harry was recast but Nelson got recast because Jason was unavailable since he wanted to do something else over doing a 1-time gig.