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Default Re: The new movie doesn't need to be a reboot

Originally Posted by Hailey Hartford View Post
I'm not convinced it will be another reboot. Here is how I know. It was announced that it would most likely be a sequel to the previous one. Sorry, Guys.
I'm hoping it will be a sequel the issue we have is they might not be able to keep the same cast.

Ludi Lin isn't currently known to be scheduled for any future work.

Naomi Scott is working on Charlie's Angels and it's not even in production yet.

RJ Cyler has been in the MTV series "Scream"

Becky G while she's been growing more and more popular due to her music career I haven't heard of her doing anything that recent.

Dacre has been in "Stranger Things" so RJ and Dacre's schedules could pose a problem. Naomi's not so much since Charlie's Angels appears to be a movie and not a show.
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