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Default Re: An idea for the Skipped Sentais

Originally Posted by Troopers Supreme View Post
We know they have been skipping seasons every so many years. I think they should take all that footage and do a new VR Troopers TV Series. The really old stuff is probably out of the question. But some of the other seasons they recently skipped is doable. The original VR didn't have much to work with anyway.
wouldn't be a bad idea but I doubt they want to do that.

Originally Posted by Captain Codfish View Post
Its a good idea. But I don't think its something they are interested in. And if they did do something it would be original series.
Originally Posted by Power Rangers Snob View Post
Its a great idea actually. I think it could work. But like Codfish I don't think Saban Brands or Toei is looking to do something like that. They only skip Sentais because they are futher behind Toei than ever. Which allows them to choose the best Sentai to adapt. I don't see them going backwards. But if it were up to me I would do something like the op suggested.
yea it's a decent idea but they were skipped for a reason so I don't think they want to go back to those skipped seasons for any reason whatsoever.
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