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Default Hasbro Potential Power Rangers Owner

The official press release announcing Hasbro taking ovsr Power Rangsra Toyline has an interesting paragrah..

"The first set of products from Hasbro will be available in spring 2019. Both Hasbro and Saban Brands are dedicated to continue growing this iconic brand. In recognition of this investment, during a period of time after Hasbro becomes the master toy licensee, the arrangement between the parties provides Saban Brands and Hasbro with the opportunity to initiate Hasbro’s purchase of the Power Rangers property. "

So it appears there is a very real possibility that Hasbro could eventually purchase Power Rangers outright.

Suffice it to say, that would be an equally huge story. And would make sense in a lot of areas since the Power Rangers ip would be very valuable to Hasbro. And would align with their core business.

Its also likely Power Rangers will get sold again down the line. Since Haim Saban isn't getting any younger and it stands to reason he will sell when its time to retire. Hasbro would be the perfect suitor to sell to and ensure that the brand has even more longevity.

What an Hasbro owned Power Rangers would be like isn't totally clear. But they would certainly want to keep the brand going strong.

But it sounds like this type of sale is still several years away. And who knows if Hasbro will actually end up buying the brand. But it's certainly an interesting story to follow.
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