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Default Ranger Powers

I have a couple of questions for all of you Power Ranger fans out there. How many seasons do the Rangers lose their powers at the end of them? I know the MMPRs lose their powers at the beginning of Season 3, following the destruction of the Thunderzords at the hands of Rito Revolto, as well as at the beginning of MMAR when Rita and Zedd destroy the Ninja power coins, but are the powers truly lost? I mean Adam and Jason both have their MMPR powers restored, Justin and TJ get their Turbo powers restored, the Ninja Storm Rangers get their powers restored, Tori gets her Wind Ninja Storm Ranger powers restored by Sentinel Knight, and the Dino Rangers get their powers restored when they're teleported to 2025 by Broodwing in SPD, but, did any Rangers, or Ranger teams lose their powers permanently so they can't be restored, or is that dependent on the status of the Morphing Grid?

Also are all the Rangers' powers linked to their Zords? I know the MMPRs lost their Dino powers after the Thunderzords were destroyed, but that was due to a backlash of energy running through the Morphing Grid, as Tommy had ordered Alpha to feed as much power into the Thunder Megazord and the Tigerzord as possible despite the strain on the Power Accelerator.

I also read somewhere, though I can't remember where, that if Zordon and Alpha hadn't infused the Dinozords with the power of Thunder to change them into the Thunderzords, Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly would've lost their powers for the same reason Rocky, Adam, Billy, Aisha, Kimberly and Tommy did in "Ninja Quest", because of excess energy from the Zords, running through the Morphing Grid.

Are there any other Ranger powers that are dependent on the operation of the Rangers' Zords? Or does it just depend on how much power is flowing through the Morphing Grid at the time the Zords are destroyed?
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