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Well Heres the deal. I was bored last week and started to toy around with the Justice League as if they were Power Rangers. Now I picked the order who is who and villian wise. How did they get their power ect ect. So with the people I picked are the basic Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter. I picked Lex Lurther to be the main villian. and I'll have other villians like Nero, Joker ect ect all will show up later but well here is the frist installment.

Part 1 Last survior of a Dieing World

Part 2 In Brightest Day In Darkest Night Green Ranger

"Are the orbs secured? Are the Orbs secured.?" A transmission brakes after that. The room is completely black. The lights are turn on. A man standing there wearing a uniform. His skin green. "The Orbs are secured don't worry. Computer when was the message sent" The man asks.

It takes a few moments and the computer responds."Two days ago. Jonn."

"Well I guess we need to relocate the Orbs to earth. Computer how many days till we reach Earth.?" Jonn asks in a depressing tone.

"We are 1 week till we reach the Planet Earth." The computer responds in a cold voice.

"Verywell computer have the orbs ready within that time frame i'm entering hypersleep until that time. Wake me when we are hours from earth." Jonn says as he walks out of the room. He makes his way to a lower deck. The doors open automaticly. He walks across a cat walk through the hanger bay. The room is darken can't make out whats in it. He enters a medbay where there are tubes standing. He walks over to one. he starts to punch in some buttons. The Tube opens. Jonn removes his uniform. He stands inside the tube. It closes on him. Within a matter of seconds he enters a deepsleep.

The ship flies through space. Meanwhile on the Planet Mars a war is happening. A starship is floating over the planet bombarding it. The Planet is completely oblerated. The entire world is destoried.

Five soliders walk through the a corridor. The door infront of them opens. A bald man sits in a chair. It spins and turns to face the soilders. "I suggest before you even open your mouth that you have the Orbs?"The man in the chair spoke.

One of the soliders steps forward and bows to the man. "My lord A ship was launched from the planet a week before we started our attack. They knew they were fighting a loseing battle." The man says with his long hair hanging over his face.

"Nero isn't it. One of my top intergators. Always gets the information that I need. I hope you know the location where the ship was headed?" The man says putthing his hand on the chair arm.

"Yes lord Lurther. I was able to even get the head of the ship. I sent two of my top scout ships after it. We will have its location within the day. Promission to retrive the orbs my lord. I will bring them here to your feet." Nero says still bowing to Lurther.

"You still haven't answered me. Where did the ship head to?" Luther starts to lose his temper.

"My Lord the ship carring the orbs headed towards Earth. The Manhunter Jonn J'onzz Is the Martian who took the mission." Nero seems to be a little scared.

"A Martian Manhunter is headed towards Earth. Lovely our home base. By the time we head back to our time the Orbs should be in our Possesion." Luther stands up his Green and Purple armor shines. "Nero I give you promission Don't Fail me. I want hose Orbs in my Throne room before the end of the week do you understand. We will be back at Earth within the two weeks. You better have them." Lurther Urshers him to leave. Nero bows his head one more time he stands and leaves by himself.

The Two Scout ships catch up with the Martian craft. They start bombarding it. The attack cause Jonn J'onzz to awake from his hibernated sleep. "Computer Whats the problem?" Jonn says stumbling out of the chamber.

"We are under attack. The weapons were taken out in the frist strike and our engenes are takeing a beating. They will not last anther five minutes." The computer responds with its usal cold tone.

"Computer Enter the time stream NOW." Jonn screams at the last second. THe computer starts the countdown. Within a few seconds the ship enters the timestream. The ship suddenly stops. THe ship had crashed into the moon. Jonn J'onzz crawls his up from the rubble. He makes his way into the Orb room.

"Only Six orbs have survived." Jonn starts to push some buttons. "Computer what year is it? Jonn asks. The computer responds in a jumble staticy voice. "Earth Year 1972."

"I need to go back into the Timestream. I need to hit the right Era." Jonn speaks to himself. "Negative Jonn We only have enough power to Sustain you in Hypersleep." The computer responds to him though he didn't ask it a question.

"What about sending the orbs to People through the Timestream. Use what energy we have left then. What we have i'll sleep untill I have to awaken or they awaken me." Jonn says out of disperation. "Negative. We only have enough power for one or the other.........." THe computer says.

"Enough turn yourself off." Jonn says out of frustiation. The computer shuts off. Jon starts to type into some keys. The table with Six orbs start to glow. Each Orb glows. A beam of light hits the orbs and the orbs disappear. Jon makes his way to an Escape Pod. He launches the pod. He watches as the Orbs fly off towards Earth. All but 1. THe one flys off towards space.

Back in the Present Nero Lands on Earth. A military base out in the middle of a desert."Commander Nero welcome home. When will Presdent Lurther be returning?" A officer asks. Nero Looks at him and smiles. "All in good time. THe mission was a success. Where is the doctor?" Nero asks boldly. "He's in his laboratory." The officers answers.

"Fine I'll be there if you morons need me." Nero walks forward towards an Elevator. It opens He enters. The doors close. He pulls out a key card. He slides it over scanner. The number appears S-12 access granted. The elvator decends. Nero Leans against the wall. The lights just keep flashing by. Then It stops and the doors open. Nero walks through it. There are hugh test tubes lineing the wall. Some seem to have creaturs in them. Nero just walks by. He stops at one of the tubes. He pulls a card out. He slides it into the keyport. When he done the tube rises and disappears.

"I hope it will do." A voice says in the darkness. "It will. I was told by Lurther to do what ever I can to retrive the Orbs. And I'll do anything to retrive them. Lurther will be here in Two weeks. I better have at least one of those bloody things." Nero says furstrated.

"Have you been takeing your meds Nero you know how you get if you don't." He walks over with a needle in his hand.

"I'm well aware that your going to stick me with that." He rolls up his sleave and holds out his arm towards the dr.

Meanwhile in New York. A young artist is drawing in the Park. The Young Man's name is Kyle Rayner and he is just about to find his destiny.

Kyle keeps drawing the trees and plants around him. A serion goes off. A craft flys over the city. It drops what looks like a bomb. But it isn't When it hits the ground a creature explods out of it. Kyle who is running through the park now with others out of fear. He trips over what he thinks is a rock. Its not. Its an one of the Orbs that Jonn J'onzz sent out. Kyle Picks it up. He looks at it. The Orb disappears and a strange device is on his wrist. He looks at it. He touches it.

The Device activates. A strange green glow surrounds him. then vanishes. He's standing in a all green suit. He hears a message in anther langauge at frist. Then it translate.

"You have been choicen to be the Green Ranger. The device thats on your wrist is a Morpher. You have been given the power of a Green Lantern. The Martian Green Lantern. He scarficed his power to be inbodied in this morpher. Go now and Defend Justice and the Innocent."

The voice dies down. "You got to be Kidding me. I'm a Superhero Sweet." Kyle starts jumping up and down out of exciment. "Okay Lets go test this out." Kyle runs through the Park towards the Creature that is killing everyone it comes in contact with. Kyle Runs up to it and starts to attack it. The Creatrue just strugs it off. Kyle is confused. Then he thinks of something. He thinks maybe if I had some chains to chain it down. In a few seconds green chains appear locking the creature down.

The creature brakes the chains. Then they disappears. Kyle's morpher starts to glow. The creature heads towards him. Kyle touches his Morpher a sword emerges. Kyle runs foward and slices at the Creature. His sword glows and he destorys the creature.

The creature melts infront of him. Then He watches his vision goes fuzzy. The images around him blurr into a green blutch. Then he awakens in front of a Old man. Standing there in ragged clothing."Well I guess the frist has arrived. Training will start young man." The old man speaks with pride.

"What no no I don't want this Yeah its fun for a few seconds but full time no way i'm just a kid in college. I'm an Artist not a figher. " Kyle says scared now.

"The Orb of the Green Lantern Choice you. It saw in your heart what truly lies there. Only you could of activeated the orb to unlock it. Now Kyle Rayner stand in front of Jonn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter." The Old man changes his shape. In front of him now is a Young Green skin being. He's wearing a torn uniform.
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I've got to say that this fan fiction has been truly thoughtout and excuted nicely. Very sweet! Very Sweet!
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Now with the Zords i'm giong to have two modes. I'm going to use the Titan thing where they grow into the Zords. But i'm not going to have them form a Mega Zord. The Zords to do that come later.

If I put anything like this @@@@@ instead of the word its because i'm tring to keep it a secert for the time being.

Part 3 Up Up and Away....Blue Ranger???????

On a small farm in kansas a young man is walking out of his home. He opens the screen door he streches in the bright sun light. He picks up the morning paper. He sees on the front page of the Daily Planet that a strange Creature attacked New York. His Puppy runs up to him begging for attention.

"Krypto how you doing boy." The kid pets his dog. He walks forward into his yard. He looks around no one in sight. He kneels down picks up a stick.

"You ready boy. Get ready." The boy throws the stick at tremedous force that the corn feilds shack as the stick flys by them. The dog starts running then jumps in the air. It seems like its flying because it is and after only a few seconds the dog had flow over 4 acers of land and was back at the kids feed with the stick.

A Highpitch noise is heard. The boy drops to his knees. "Kal-El come to my son. Kal-El come to me now." The voice dies down. The boy stands up. He walks over to the celler. He opens the doors. He heads down he closes the door behind him. He walks forward. What seems like a bunch of boxes covered in cloth lays before him. He pulls the cloth off of it. A small space craft lays before the boy.

"Kal-El welcome." The craft glows a holographic image of his birth father appears in front of him. "Kal-El as you know i'm not your father but his knowledge and his memories are imbeded into me. Now the reason I call you forth is because before we landed on earth I received something." A blue orb emerges from the craft It floats over to him Kal-El holds it in his hands.

"What is it? I've never seen anything like it before in my life." Kal standing in front of the image.

The Image walks over to the craft and sits on it as though it was real."That is an orb of power. The Martians from this sector made them. Very smart people. Very creative. Able to bend power into such objects. Only there top warriors got one. It came into my possesion when i was about to enter orbit. It was ment for you Kal-El. It bares your family crest in it."

"Clark" a voice rung out. "Lunch is ready."

Clark turns towards the celler doors for only a second and turns back the ship had turned off and the orb has vanished. Though in its place was a watch on his wrist. He looks at it. It glowed his family crest quickly. Clark shrugged it off as he heads back upstairs.

"Oh why oh why does my little heart Cry. Oh why oh why am I going to Kill you doctor unless you produce a creature with more braincells then the average pebble." Nero sings in a messed up nersery rhyme. "Dr. YOu were supposed to produce Luther a army strong enough and smart enough to at least get the job done. What I saw yesterday was just crap. It lasted for three seconds against 1 count them 1 of the new Warriors." Nero grabs his head as he starts hearing things in his mind.

The Doctor walks over to him and grabs his arm and shoves a needle into his vain. "Now now Nero no need to get yourself worked up. Remember that I controlt he voice in your mind. With out me your just anther nut case that would end up in a padded room."

"Don't remind me doctor."Nero still holding his head as the voice subside. "What are you going to give me this week. Some other mush thing to reck havac in New York Central Park. Or wait I know maybe you can find a God Damn Way to replucate the powers. Then we wouldn't need the orbs for any thing."Nero walks over to the computer. "What do you suggest. for this mission I located well nearly located anther Orb this morning. Its near Metroplios. The "Future" City." Nero hits some keys.

On the screen he keeps flipping through creatures. Untill the doctor walks over and pushes him out of the way. "Less not forget your the one who picked the last monster to attack New york." He opens anther window a Human looking thing that mutates on teh screen. "Now this is the one. He can look like a human for about an hour. But he will revert to his natural form. Once that happens he must wait a while. So I suggest we give him this." He holds up a vile.

"Now this vile is very speical. I created about a week ago and if you didn't act so impaitantly i would of used it on you mush monster you sent out." He picks up an hyperdormic needle. He places the vile inside of it.

"Nanites. You set to a fraquencey that we have at a command it will mutate the creature into a supersized version of itself." The Dr. walks over to a tube he enters some keys the creature is now in the tube standing in front of it is the Dr. The doctor opesn the tube. He enjects the hyperdermic gun into the creaturs arm. The doc then pushes some keys and the tube closes it raises up into the celling.

"I've already given the orders for the creatures delivery. Its name is Mutater."

Nero Looks at the doctor and starts cracking up. " you got to be kidding me. WHo ever allowed you to name these things should be shot. Thats one of the wrost names I've every hears."

"Very Funny nero. Anyway how are the @@@@@ Doing." He asks as he looks over at Nero.

Nero responds"Known of your damn buisnes and whoever told you about them should be shot."

"You really have this obsession with shotting people don't you?" He says sarcasticly.

"Nope I perfer useing Knives thank you very much. Why do you think Luther picked me for this anyway.

Nero walks out of the room.

Back at smallville at the Kents farm. Kyle Rayner is walking up the drive way. When he spots Clark.

"Hi There. This may seem Kinda strange but have you seen any floating orbs around here by any chance.?" Kyle asks Clark as he's doing chores.

Clark stops for a second and continues. "No but who's asking?"

"Kyle Rayner is the name. Um You sure you haven't seen anything. Cause I was told to talk to a kid at this farm about it." Kyle walks up to Clark. "Need a hand with any of this stuff."

"No I got it all under control. Anyway the name is Clark." He strecths out his hand with the watch on it as does Kyle but he has a green ring on his finger.. The hands touch and a glow of green and blue erupts in front of them.

"Now now lieing isn't a strong suit of yours is it Clark? I take it you actavated the Orb then. Same here. I'm the Green Ranger. And fromt eh color i take your the blue Ranger."

"I Don't know anythign about being a Ranger but i;m just Clark Kent average."

Kyle interupts him. "Your not average anymore."

"Wait did you hear that?" Clark asks.

"Hear what I may ask?" Kyle looks around.

Clark being a Kryptian and coming to earth the Radation from our sun impowers him. He can fly he has super strength and Can hear for great distances as well other powers.

"The radio had a special report. Something about Metroplios being attacked by some kinda creature like in New York." Clark responds kinda depressed.

"Well thats our signal to get into action. come on." Kyle runs for a few seconds then he realizes Clark isn't running.

"Look Clark I know you want to live the simple life but i'm sure your parents have tought you right from wrong. Plust to help people this is your chance. Look if its your Identity and theirs your worried about the orb grants us a Morpher. It changes us. makes us stronger faster. It amakes us in armor type thing. I don't have all the answers but what I do know is that the Earth needs us. And I was reluctent like you but this is my destiny. Make it yours to. I see a lot of hope in you."

Clark interupts Kyles little Speech. "Fine how do this Morphers work?"

"Its simple Clark. See I have a ring you have a Watch. Touch it." They both do an don their wrist appears morphers. Now hold up the morpher in the air." Kyle does so Clark looks at him.

"Okay I don't know about you but I say. In Brightest day In Darkest Night."The Morpher activates. "No Evil Shall Escape Might SIght." A green Glow surrounds him. "Let those who worships evil might beware my power Green Lanterns Light." He Morphers into his suit wearing a Helmet now.

"Now you try. I think you probibly can just striaght morph the frist time. But later you'll need the unlocking sequance. Mine's kinda long if you ask me but i got it down pretty fast when i need to."

Clark just looks at him stairing at the Morpher. He doesn't hold his arm up but he places it on his chest. "Man Of Steel." That unlocks the morphing sequances. His body is covered in a blue glue. A Red S appears on his chest then breast plate appears as well as shoulder armor. His Helmet to has a Red S in the shape of his families Crest. the Armor resembles his crest as well.

"Nice Nice if I didn't like green as much I think I would of been Jobbed. Strange I though you were the blue ranger. but Since blues is the primarly color that would make sense. Your probibly like Second in command or something."

"What do you mean your not the leader?"

"No the Red one is but we are the only Two so far. Anyway lets get going. Oh we can fly by the way."

"What oh I could of flown before anyway."Clark responds.

"What okay okay you got to give me some details later right now we need to go."

The two head off. They fly towards the City. Kyle in front at frist with a green glow around him. But Clark speeds past him and after only a few seconds Clark is already in Metroplios while Kyle will be there in a few minutes.

Clark lands in front of the creature. It standing there looking at this blue ranger. "The Name is" He was about to say Clark. Then He realizes that no one knows his Krytoian Name. "THe Name is Kal-EL THe Superman. I'm the Blue Ranger. I'm here to take you down."

The Creature looks at him then Responds. "Really. You don't look taht Super to me. Guys its time for the Mutater to take you for a little joy ri....."

The Blue Ranger already flys into and just punches the creature in the fast knocking it back about 50 feet. Clarks inhertent abilitays are amplfied in the suit. He can feel it. The Monster gest back to its feet and sends a tentical that electrocutes clark. He drops to his knees. Kyle finally arives with his sword in his hand. He cuts the tenticle. The Two Rangers Green and Blue stand next to each other.

Nero is watching this on a monitor. "Great now there are Two of them. Lurther is really going to kill me. Now. Dr. Start the ingrowthing sequance i want these two rangers taken care of right now."

The Dr. hears this over the intercom. He looks at the screen watching the same fight he punches in some keys.

At the battle the monster looks at the two Rangers as they are tring to regroup.

"Well I guess its time from to be Leave you." THe Mutater says.

"What your not going anywhere." Kyle responds. He activates his sword and charges at him. The sword glows. It strikes the Monster. But it just stops on the mosters chest. It doesn't do any damage. The Monster grabs kyle by the throat. He tosses him back to where clark is kneeling.

The Monster starts to grow and after a few seconds it really grows now the two rangers are standing there looking up at a 50 foot monster.

"Great i've never delt with this before." Kyle says kinda scared.

"Don't worry GL we will be able to take him.'"

"Wait Jonn says something about this. Just do What I do Clark."

"Okay whatever you say."

Kyle stands up and holds his arm up in the air then brings it down. He grabs his wrists. He then pulls the orb of power out. He holds it in front of him. The orb forms to the shape of Kyle's body. Kyle steps into it. The form grows. Clark does the same.

The Two stand there now. Supersized. They look at each other.

"Jonn said that we can grow into our Mega Warrior Froms. This will make us 100 times stronger.."

Kyle and Clark attack the monster. Each fighting still as if they were by themselves. They are unable to beat it. The monster keeps getting the better of them.

"Clark we need to work together. Um Mayber My sword can still work I wonder do you have any weapons?"

Clark looks down at his chest the S he touches it and a sheild appears on his arm. "Okay I guess i'll block you attack."

"You got it Clark." The two of them start working together. The blue ranger blocks the Monsters attacks while the green attacks. After a few minutes the actually destory the monster. It desolves like the last one.

The two teleport to where Kyle met Jonn at. The two now powered down standing in front of the Martian Manhunter.

The Manhunter looks at them. "Now at least we have two warriors to help along the way. ITs going to be a hard struggle tillw e find the other orbs are you prepared?"

The two nod in agreement. The war has only started.
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This is pretty cool man.
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Part 4 BluRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrr Yellow Ranger Heard Not seen Part 1

Keystone City A city underseige from gangs and the police realling over the loss of one of their greatest assets. Barry Allan a police forensics scenitist had fallen in the line of duty. Durning his time in the Keystone Police department Barry Allen doubled as a costume hero. Useing a fourmlua he devoloped He was able to push his body to the limits. He in time became known as the fastest man alive. The Fourmlua he created allowed him to run faster then ten men his matalisom sped up to the point it eventualy casued his heart to give way. He was running as he always did helping saveing lives. In the end he was saveing a small child. He felt a shooting pain in his chest. For the frist time since he started he couldn't run. He pushed himself to the point he never had. The Child he had just saved stood there scared in shock.

Two weeks after his death his nephew inherted all of his supplies all his notes and research dateing back before he ever joined the police department. Wally West wasn't as smart as his uncle. Yet he had just as a big of a heart as Barry.

Wally boared up his uncles equipment and research. It would be years before he ever touched the research again. Wally being a young man then is now in his mid 20's. He was a automacanic by trade. When his lease for the storage shed came up. He once again went through his uncles belongings. What he found would change his life forever.

Space on a Battle Curiser. A faint laughing is heard. Demented nothing funny about it. Anther sound louder the laughing is heard. Footsteps echoing. A man is seen walking through the hall. He stops infront of a prison door. The man stands infront of the door he starts to twitch. Nothing major. He pulls out a needle. A jar of liquid as well. The man pulls up his shirt a bit and he jabs the needl into his flesh. He pushes the liquid into his skin. THe man drops to his knees.

THe laughing stops. On the other side of the door a pale skinny man with green hair lays next to the door. He places his hands against the door. He leans his head as well.

"Has Johnny boy lost his way. Tell Mister J all your problems and He'll make it go away." The man with the green hair says with a sadistic smile.

In the grunt sound not much for diaolouge " You lunitic peice of........."

"Now now no need to use that tone with me. Just smile tell yourself a joke. Or maybe let me out and i'll show you why they locked me up in here in the frist place Johnny boy." THe grin still on his face.

The man in the hallway stands to his feet. He regains his composser. Two guards walk their way up to him.

"Open the door and bring him to the bridge Luther wants to speak with him. And watch out he is a wild one. " He starts to walk his way back the the corridor.

In unison "Yes sir Commander Quick." THey open the door. They enter the room.

"Gentleman welcome to my homble abood. Please have a seat and may I get you some Tea." THe man with the smile keeps on grining.

THe Two guards pulls out a couple of tazors and walk over to him. They tazer him. The man drops to the ground laugh out loud.

At the Kents farm Kyle and Clark are helping with the choirs. They are both tring not to use their powers.

"Hey Clark did you hide your powers doing all these choirs. I mean its been three months and not a word on who else has gotten the orbs. Manhunter still hasn't filled us in on anything." Kyle says while tring to figure out how to use the tools on a farm.

"Kyle please you've been staying with us for three months and you yet to get the hang of useing these tools."Clark walks over to kyle showing him how to use the tool as he speaks.

While they are messing around with the tool Manhunter teleports them to his lair.

"Kyle, Clark I beleave I've found the remainder of the Orbs. The problem is they are littered throughout time. One is strangely showing up twice on my sensers." Manhunter in human form. He looks like a man in his late thirties now.

Kyle is the frist to remark who would figure huh? " Jonn what do you mean like we will need to jump time or something."

Clark stands there silent as stone. Manhunter turns to Kyle. " ALways interrupting me. No you don't have to go anywhere. Your already pulled into the time that is needed. Frist you need to find the orb and place it in a specific place. Then after a event happens later tonight.

Clark smiles. " Let me guess you have the orb in your possension already. You want us to place it somewhere to create the next ranger?"

"No not to create the next ranger. Actually someone who needs the power frist and when we return to our time. A new Ranger will be waiting for us. That is if all goes as planed." Manhunter smiles and turns to Clark. "Your right your going to be the key player tonight. Now Kyle your going to wait here. If Clark needs you for back up I'll send you but I highly doubt he will need you." Manhunter walks over to a chest he opens it and a Yellow orb is pulled from it.

Manhunter walks over to Clark. He hands it to him. "Now I'll place you right where you need to be. YOu have to be quick and I mean Quick. You just have to place it over top a vile of liquid. Thats all. "

Before Clark has a chance to say anything Manhunter waves his hand. Clark is standing in front of a chemistry set. A man in a white coat is messuring some viles. His back is to clark. Clark quickly Places the orb over top a vile. He is pulled away just that second. A cop walks in he gets a quick glimsp of clark as he vanishes in thin air.

"Barry whats up man. Working hard as always." The cop says.

"John Quick always in my buisness. How many years have we been friends. You always bitting at my heels." Barry says as he turns around. He walks up to the vile clark had placed the orb on. It had vanishesed as Clark had. Barry poors the liquid into the vile. A bolt of lighting hits the vile just at the second. Barry is thrown backwards.

John had been thrown as well. Barry was knocked out. John slowly gets up. Something strange. He grabs THe vile He pours some of it into anther smaller vile he plugs and runs out of the room. While he was running he dropped a peice of paper.

Barry is out for the rest of the night. When he comes to he sees whats left in the vile. He doesn't realize that most of what was in it was split or stolen. It would be anther year before Barry tests what was left. Yet that night he picks up a peice of paper that John had dropped. He read it out loud.

"Johnaton Quick You have been hired by the Lurther Corp as head of Security.***" Barry crumbles up the paper. " Sell out."

Back in the cave. Manhunter is talking with Kyle. Manhunter turns to him. "You have done very well Clark. Welcome back to our time. We have set forward a series of events that will forever change history. Well set it straight. A young man should be recevieing the Orb any second now. It will be up to you two to welcome him into the fold.

Wally West is going through some boxes. The room is poorly light. He can barely see a thing. THen a glowing light emerges from one of the boxes. Wally walks over to it. Their was a dairy of Barry Allen. He opens it. He doesnt' know how he missed it. Wally spent the next hour reading discovering his uncles double life. Then again the light. It pulls at him. He goes into the same bos. A yellow orb is sitting in the same box that he pulled the dairy out of. He could of swore it wasn't there before.

Wally holds it in his hands. A blast of memories surge through his system. Then he sees it. The beinging. The Meeting that started it all. Before he could remember it fully all he hears is Jonn are you sure. He is blasted backwards simliar to his uncle. He stands the orb had vanished. He has flashes of Barry's life like it was his own.

Unlike his Uncle though Wally isn't plagued with the same fate. He is the one ment for the Orb all along. A ring had appeared on his finger. It has a lighting bolt on it. He remembers that his Uncle had a simlar ring. He touches it. In that instint a sonic boom is heard.

Kyle and Clark had been sent to meet with Wally but they were to late. Wally had left the area and even Clark with his speed could not catch The fastest Man Alive.

To Be Continued.
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Part 5 Blur Yellow Ranger Not Seen But Heard Part 2

Clark and Kyle watch the Yellow strikes fly through the city. They had been late. All the plaining Manhunter went through failed. They lost the next ranger and now they must spend time tracking down Wally West who can out run even the Last Son of Kyrpton.

Wally West nephew of former Flash Barry Allen has seem to tap into something more then his uncle ever had. Barry Allen was a plant ment to tap into the Power of the Flash but not fully utalize it. HIs fate was seal by a vistor. A man who had pulled strings in order to set in motion a series of events. The Manhunter. Last Surivoer of a world that was destoried.

West on the other hand has been implanted with memories of former barries of the power. Anyone who has been touched by this force. He will one day access. His uncle never know of this power. Wally has only just felt its beinging precses.

Car lights look like shooting stars to him. Yet things start slowlying up. As his body and his eyesight slowly adjust to the speed. Now time just seems slow. People barely moveing. He stops infront of a window. He notices he's wearing a costume. Its Yellow with a red Lighting bolt going across his chest. A solid yellow visor over his face connected to a helmet.

"Who would wear something like this." The words seem not like his own. As wally gets a strange feeling this isn't the frist time he's doen this. Running feels so natruel to him. He sees his Uncle in the image. He understands now. A legacy that he has been pasted down.

Yet in his mind a faint echo. A warning of some kind. He can't remember. Something important. Something he feels will alter himself and everyone around him. HIs friends and alies. He feels that he too isn't a lone in this. He feels that there is anther with the same power.

On the bridge of Lurther's ship. The man with the sidistic smile lays at the feet of lurther.

"Well. You have spent three months in the brigg I understand your fond of Jokes. Maybe we should give you a new name. Quick has told me you call yourself Mister J. I take it that you have demmed yourself the Joker. Well thats your new name now."Lurther voice echo's through out the bridge. He motions to the guards.

"You have your orders just make sure he's strapped down. Set the controls to land near Arkham Aslyem in Gotham City. I'm sure the inmates there will be a warm welcome to him." Lurther stands up. He takes a few steps forward to the Joker. Lurther places his hand on his chin. "You have a simple mission this time. Make sure you follow my orders. This is your last chance. Next time you cross me you will die. " Lurther pushes the Jokers face. He turns and walks off.

Lurther enters his office. Commander Quick is standing in the room. "Quick this better be good. I just had a little chit chat with our friend." Lurther walks over to a window.

Quick responds in a miltary tone. "Sir There was something. A feeling. I think our friend Nero has failed us. The feeling is something I've felt before. When" Lurther interupts him.

"Yes Barry Allen formlier known as the flash. YOu think he ever found out that the reason he died was because I altered his formula. Had you switch it. His destiny was altered by us. Let me guess someone probibly stummbled onto the formula. Thats all. Quick that force you tap into. Make good use of it will you." Lurther stares out the window for a few minutes.

"Quick and if Nero Fails us. You will be looking at a promotion. Head to Earth and Release it. I don't care how many people die. Just unleash him will you." Lurther waves Quick out of the room.

Quick with a look of surprise. He leaves Lurthers office. THe door shuts behind him. " Release him. Zoom. Zooms a monster. " Quick with a disguested look on his face. It takes him a few minutes he reaches the shuttle bay. He walks in just in time to see Jokers shuttle take off.

Quick boards the nearest shuttle. He sits in the chair. He lets out a deep sigh. He places his hands over his face. He runs his fingers through his hair. He pucnhes some keys on a console in front of him. The shuttle shakes. He sets the auto pilot towards earth. He gets to his feet. He walks to a bed and lays in it.

" Great i'm stuck in this boot for a few weeks by myself joker sure is probibly happy. Me I like doing things. Sitting here is going to drive me mad. Zoom why unleash Zoom. He's." He closes his eyes and has a flashback.

"ZOOM NO LEAVE HIM ALONE." A faint scream of a memory. It falls to a dream. Bits and peices of that day come to him. Frist of him fighting with barry. THe two have had many fights but that day would be different. Quick as bad as he was would never cross the line and kill someone. But Zoom. Zoom killed a kid right in front of both of them. Barry was never the same. Neither was Quick.

Both were scarred that day. QUick nearly killed Zoom for the act Barry had stopped him. Quick on the other hand took Zoom into custdy of Lurther. They placed him into a high securty wing. He was never to be heard from again.

"Zoom is a monster. A freak that should have never been created." Quick says in his sleep.

Clark and Kyle continued their search for Wally. It took them all night but they finally found him. Wally ran and ran and ran and in the end he ended up in one place.

"Who was he?" Kyle asks as Wally is kneelling over a grave.

Wally responds with tears in his eyes. " My uncle. People Called him the flash. I just called him Barry."

Clark walks over to him. "We need your help. We to have gifts. We wish to protect the world. and We need you."

Wally stands and looks clark dead in his eyes. "So uncle sam. I'll help. But I don't know what help I'll be."

Kyle walks up to him. "The name is Kyle Rayner artist, superhero extrodonare."

"So were do go from here. I mean what are we anyway?" Wally asks.

Clark sits there for a second. THey get teleported into the lair of Manhunter. "What are you. A very important question. Lets just call you the Justice League. Your three down. Three more orbs to go. Good luck in your journy. Its just begining.

Deep in Lurther's base. Far underground, in a cell he sits. He waits. Repeating one word the same word over and over again. Zoom. His time is comeing. He knows it. He feels it. Anther has touched the very thing that feeds him. He will end his life. He knows it.


Clark Kent has just got an internship with the daily Planet. Clark is setting some boxes with files in it. A voice rings out. Its strange dark. Clark turns around sees someone in a buisness suit.

"I"m looking for Parry Whites office. THe Name is Wayne Bruce Wayne." He holds out his hand. Clark shakes it.

"Yeah its right down the hall. You can't miss it." Clark tells the young man as he turns and walks down the hall.
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Part 6 A Look at Things to come.

100 Years ago.

The silence of the abyss. It haunts him. It has taken him many years to free himself as much as he has. Yet unable to move out of his restrants. His vision clouded covered by a mask. His mind one tracked. He wants to fight. Its who he is. Its what he is a monster.

A Probe fling through space comes apon the astroid. It lands and starts to scan it. The probe only identfing symbols is over three orbs connected in a triangle shape by two lines. The scan reveals a life form in it. Further scanning reveals an image faint dark and hard to make out. Its big though. The probes transmits back to home base.

On a screen in a dark room the symbols appear again. Then the scans of the astroid reveal the creature. The screen flickers to code in Krytoian. Then back to the three symbols. "Hello Ser-El is this your son Jor-El i've heard so much about?" The strange mechianised voice spoke.

"Yes it is Brainiac. I figure if he is to follow me in my footsteps I need to start teaching him things." Ser-El smiles as he looks at his young son.

"What do you wish for me to show young Jor-El?" Brainiac cold calus voice spoke.

"Well Brainiac I would like him to do basic programing." Ser-El guides his 10 year old son to a console.

Brainiac brings up basic programing and walks young Jor-El through it. Meanwhile at the same time he sends transmissions to his probe. The probe registers it. It attaches to the astroid. The probe uses up the rest of its power to push this astroid towards Krypton. Brainaic thinks to himself this will take years but it will be well worth it.

75 years ago.

Jor-El now grown, Married and soon to be father. His work takes up most of his time but he has achived much in his life.

"Jor-El" Brainiacs voice rang out through out Jor-El's lab.

"How many times do I have to tell you Brainiac just because your connected to my lab doesn't give you the right to accesess it. Tell me what you have to tell me and leave." Jor-El in a irrated voice.

"Its your father. Ser-El has passed. I will leave you at peace as you requested." Brainiac goes back to what he was doing.

The artifarcil intellegence that was created by Jor-El's father Sor-El was beyond anything anyone from Krypton had seen. Too good, the program grow beyond its orginal programing. Self preverstions had taken over years ago. It had curropted the programing. Turning a once achievement into a threat. A threat none had forseen. On the contrary the Kryptonian council had entrusted brainiac with everything.

Over the years Brainiac in doing this had gained allies if you will. In which Brainiac had set in motion a series of events. Frist gaining trust of Krypton and then corrupting one of its young military. At the time Zod was just a young recruit. Yet Brainiac had saw in him great promus. Under Brainiac's tutering Zod grow in the Kryptonian military. He had advanced beyond any soilder his age. Finally he achieved General. Over the next 10 years he gained the trust and loyality of many young men.

Zod had shown his teeth. Starting a civil war. It cost the lives of many. Zod's army fell at the hands of anther young man. Jor-El. Jor-El distasted vilance but he was called and he did his duty. Zod was captured. His rebellion stopped. His punishment was banishment into the phantom zone. Zod's exact location was only known to one being. Stored in his memory banks. Brianiac.

After the war with Zod things settled down. Jor-El started work on his Eradactor project. As well his wife gave birth to a son Kal-El. Yet as he progressed with the Eradactor his other duties he had discoverd something unusal. He did some research and discovered Krypton was dieing. Over the years something had accelerated Kryptons core. Within a few decades it had aged millions of years. Jor-El know it was only a matter of time.

over the next month Jor-El put in more time then ever working on both the Eradactor and his studing of the core. Finally Jor-El desided. He would download everything he knew into his creation. He did so. Yet his calcuations were off. ALtered and he had no idea about it. When he presented his work to the Council they laughed at him. Brainiac offered alternitive information. False in nature yet beleaved because to them Brainiac is a machine. Phase 2 of his plains have happened.

Phase three was nearing. Only a matter of days. He would leave this dieing world. To him Nothing would please him more. Jor-El on the other hand crafted a small space craft. He would at least save his son.

7 days later

The craft was done. It was ready. As well brainiac to had created a craft. Due to his lack of supplies it wasn't near done he would have to finish contruction in orbit. He launched his ship. Masking it as a probe still connected to the kyrtopian computers. He was saved.

Brainiac's ship had left orbit slowly it came apon a stray astroid. One Brainiac was all to familar with. The Third and final part to his plain had come. Brainiac shot a tentical from his ship. It impaled the astroid. The Creature inside had awaken from a periceing pain. A needle drawing its blood its dna. In a matter of seconds it was over and brainiac pushes the astroid into the orbit of Krypton. Slowly sliceing into it. to release was inside with it landed.

Jor-El had discovered this. He realized after Brainiac's deception that he was responsible for the core of his world. When the Astroid was detected Jor-El knew it was time to send his son away. Jor-El and Sarah lay their son Kal-El into the ship. Jor-El looks apon his son. He pulls Sarah who was cring away from the craft.

It takes only a matter of seconds for the craft to take off.

"Sarah my love don't worry I have sent our son to a good world one where he will be protected. I will send the Eradactor as well. To watch over him." Jor-EL walks over to a console. He pushes some buttons anther craft launches. A probe In the same path as his son.

"Good by Kal-EL. I love you." Sarah crys. THe astroid hits the planet a shockwave wipes out thousands of lives. What survived won't for long. The Creature has been freed. As Brainiac plained.

"Good Bye Krypton." Brainiac's emotionless voice said. A guidance system turns on Brainiac heads towards the closes inhabited world.

Krypton doesn't last long. Its core self emploids. As Brainaic plained. One distraction useing Zod to his advantage. Next self Distruction turning the planet into a ticking time bomb. Finally contanment. Useing this creature to destory and murder thousand of lives. It would also distract the planet's surviors. When the world goes they had never seen it comeing.

In a matter of 50 years Brainiac had come online, evovled, and betrayed. He became more then a machine. Turning to the darkest of all things. His plan worked and it was what he was programed to do self preservation. One thing remained. One creation Brainiac never thought of. The Eradactor. It had cought up with the craft the last son was on. He merged with it. useing its tech to act as teacher to Kal-El takeing on the form of his father.

There is one more threat you should be aware of. He will come into play in time. In the memory banks of the Eradactor. A world of the New gods and of Darkseid. They will come into play. Yet the Eradactor does not know how or why this information was added. Jor-El know of the New Gods leader and had met him once. High Father. He had told him about Darkseid. As well as Darkseid's intrest in Krypton. That is all that remains of information of the New Gods and Darkseid.
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Haha wow I wish I had enough time on my hands to make one of these.
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So do I, if you see the dates it gets maybe one two posts a month if that since March. It really doesn't take that much time. If you factor in I only post on this section mostly. I get maybe a post or two on other boards. Plus if you leave one window open while working on it you can do a lot when you get writers block.
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