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Default Degrassi

Does anyone watch this show? It's an interesting show.
It started production in '87 as "Degrassi Junior High" and it aired from '87 until and including '89. It changed to "Degrassi High" the same way "Junior High" ended its run and "Degrassi High" ended in 1991.
They went with a '92 TV movie in order to clear up most loose ends and then Degrassi ended for good.

Or so everyone thought. The new version was introduced as "Degrassi: The Next Generation" and it had debuted in 2001. It's still in the same continuity as "Junior High" and "High" however.

However for Season 10 which debuted in July of 2010, they opted to remove the tag "The Next Generation" from the logo due to pretty much all of the characters from the 2001 Generation being gone. Snake is the only original character that's remaining yet he's from the "Junior High" Generation so they probably don't consider him a part of the Next Generation which is understandable. So now it's just simply "Degrassi."

Anyway this previous season has been very interesting. Fiona and Imogen hooking up. Holly J. returning with the intention of helping Fiona move to New York due to Fiona's Mom's legal troubles that she's having with her foundation to the point of her being under arrest and all of their assests being frozen.

It's very interesting how Fiona is undergoing a transformation of someone who isn't so shallow, of someone that no longer depends on her rich family life.

It's also nice to see that Clare is maturing and is learning from her mistakes especially her apologizing to some of her ex-friends.
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