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Default Can we expect more ToQger elements in Ninja Steel?

You are probably looking at that title and thinking; ”No.” and perhaps "We never got Go-Busters elements in Dino Charge so nah" But hear me out, I’ve got a theory on what I think might happen in Ninja Steel. Lots of pictures incoming!

So we all know the deal; Saban buys a show and adapts it into a season of Power Rangers. When Saban buys a show it’s a package deal; Toei gives them the footage, all of the suits (ranger and monster), as well as props. I posted something like this the other day, but today I finally decided to analyze this deeper and more thoroughly. Before I get into Ninja Steel, i’ll go through Power Rangers’ past.

Let’s look at Mighty Morphin season 1. They had Zyuranger stuff.

Mighty Morphin season 2, they introduced Dairanger footage and monsters, but didn't use any of the main team’s suits aside from Kibaranger. Season 2 also used props from Dairanger
As we all know, the Aura Changer was not used in Mighty Morphin, but years later in Lost Galaxy as the morpher for the Magna Defender

Mighty Morphin season 3, Kakuranger footage was introduced as well as monsters. Kaku suits were used but not for the main team. The Shark Machines were used, known as the Shark Cycles.

Now kitbashing is another topic. Reusing suits is nothing new to Power Rangers. As I mentioned before, once Saban gets access to the Sentai, they get all of the stuff that comes with it. But that doesn't outright mean they have to use the suits as intended. Some suits were used, some were torn apart and frankensteined with fellow suits. Furio originated from Megaranger’s final villain that was not used for In Space, but Lost Galaxy instead as it’s own character.

One character from Carranger in particular was a parody of Mazinger Z, and wasn't used in the show most likely due to copyrights. However, the suit appeared in Turbo but repainted and kitbashed with another monster suit.

If Saban has access to this unused monster suit, I believe that’s good enough proof that they pretty much get EVERYTHING from the Sentai show they buy from.

Here we have Boribaru. This guy was from Timeranger vs GoGoFive and was not used at all in Time Force. However, his body was used in SPD for a minor character.
Pierrebori was used in Time for Lightspeed, the Time Force and Lightspeed Rescue team up. Said episode did not use any footage from Sentai.

And finally, we have our good friend Snide. Neo Geildon was used in Kyoryuger vs Go-Busters as a villain. I believe that rather than buying the footage of the movie (because at this point, it seems very unlikely that they have), they just bought Neo Geildon’s suit and props. Unless, the suit came along with all the Kyoryuger stuff. Chip saw potential in Neo Geildon, so they decided to use him. His axe was repurposed into a sword, and his shield is gone, possibly to remove ties to Zeltrax?

Now what does this mean for ToQger? Since they are using the Baron Nero suit, I believe they can use any suit from ToQger. But the questions are; Will they use more, and how would they fit the story? Baron Nero was probably picked because of his design. He just SCREAMS gameshow host. But will they use more? Here’s my speculation;

Unless Ninja Steel has a mentor character like Ninninger, I highly doubt that the Gold ranger will be the same. As Chip mentioned before, if he sees a plot point from Sentai and it works with the show, he will use it. One could argue that Heckyl is inspired by Enter from Go-Busters (although it could be a strange string of coincidences, but seeing how Chip is a fan of the show it could be likely)

I think that Zaram is the perfect fit for the Gold ranger. You’ve got Galvanax sending down contestants to Earth to challenge the Rangers and steal the Ninja Crystals. When we look at ToQger, Zaram was a Shadow Monster sent to Earth to collect darkness from humans. After realizing the beauty of the world through a rainbow, he left the Shadow Line and helped the ToQgers. Chip can pretty much reuse that storyline for the Gold ranger. In my eyes, that’s one of the twists that Chip loves to do. Using something from ToQger, as well as introducing a new story to Power Rangers (having a monster transform into a Ranger).

Then there’s Zed. Back when we first got the synopsis of Ninja Steel, I had faint hope that “Zircon” was going to be Zed. Of course, he ended up being Gengetsu Kibaoni but the usage of Baron Nero opens the possibility that this can happen. I don't think they will use Galvanax in the second half of Ninja Steel. To spice things up, they can use Zed as the new villain. The Rangers can kill of Galvanax, but who will be the new champion of the Galaxy Warriors? A new character can take his spot, much like how Sledge and Heckyl swapped places.

Of course, this Ninja Steel talk is all speculation and I could be totally off the mark. It’s also late, so sorry if I repeat several phrases over and over. What do you guys think?
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Default Re: Can we expect more ToQger elements in Ninja Steel?

Kinda got lost reading that (long day at work & all), but yeah anything's possible (w/in Power Ranger budget anyways). Personally, I'd be content with a short team-up: The 'Rail Strike' Rangers are hunting down a long standing enemy of theirs who just so happens to meet up with the Ninja Steel baddies. The 2 teams decide to work together, take out the villain (whom 'Kibaoni' also decided to betray out of assholeness), and 'Rail Strike' go on their merry way.

Not much to it, I admit, but there may not be enough time (and even less money) to do a lot.
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Ankh Primo
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Default Re: Can we expect more ToQger elements in Ninja Steel?

Just gives us Z's monster form. That's all I ask.
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Default Re: Can we expect more ToQger elements in Ninja Steel?

They could replace all the main villians in Ninninger with the Toqger ones honestly. Even Kyuemon to some degree. He didn't become more active until the second half, so having him as a late addition to the game or even a new threat to the ninja steel that's not Galvanax could work.
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Default Re: Can we expect more ToQger elements in Ninja Steel?

I keep seeing people mentioning Zaram being used as Gold, and imo that would be a pretty awesome way to go about using more ToQger stuff. His general design fits with the cowboy suit, and of course he'll have a convenient human form. I always liked the idea of a monster going good and joining the rangers.
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Default Re: Can we expect more ToQger elements in Ninja Steel?

I want the ToQgers to be a bunch of alien kids Watching the game show, and they are so obsessed with Ninja Steel, they and their dad become their own team of rangers (dad is Rokugou). even if it's only for one episode.
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Forever Pink
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Default Re: Can we expect more ToQger elements in Ninja Steel?

Using Zaram for Gold would be awesome. I really want a monster as a ranger. Done right it could be fun. The ToQgers appearing in Ninja Steel is on my wish list for sure.
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Default Re: Can we expect more ToQger elements in Ninja Steel?

Since they resemble Nero, they might use the Toqger footsoldiers as a second string.
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Default Re: Can we expect more ToQger elements in Ninja Steel?

I would never say we should "expect" anything from Ninja Steel. I think it'd better to say "wish for hopefully if you so desire, but don't get mad when you don't get your dreams made into reality."

That being said, would I be shocked if we had more ToQger elements in Ninja Steel? No, not at all, but I'm not holding my breath. It's hard enough for the writers to write 44 episodes of a television series in such a short amount of time, go through multiple drafts then taken to shooting schedules. I don't think anyone really has the chance to think "let's use this one storyline from this one Sentai that I didn't even know we weren't going to be adapting until months before production."
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Default Re: Can we expect more ToQger elements in Ninja Steel?

Well the thing about using Nero here it's signifying that they're not going to be going back to Toqger for another series so it opens up a lot of possibilities and even potentially the scraps they could get from Go-Busters. Chip is obviously taking designs into the decision of what to include. There's no reason Neo Geildon or even Nero had to be used. It's all about expect the unexpected.
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