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Hailey Hartford
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Default Roleplayers Legacy

Summary: Can't decide what type of RPG you're in the mood to do? No need to choose! Come on in and join the fun!

Link: https://roleplayerslegacy.jcink.net/index.php


Hey Guys. It's time to jump in with both feet and get this board up and moving. Yes, it is time for our first contest. Here is what I am thinking.

Help us get the word out about this board and for every person who joins and you report it in here you referred them, you will get a free 100 points(yes I will be activating the points system here soon and the store). Anyone who brings in 10 or more members will be made a Contributor on the board. This will be in three stages.

Bronze Contributor: This will be anyone who arrives at 100-400 points.

Silver Contributor: This will be for anyone who arrives at 401-800 points

Gold Contributor: This will be for anyone who arrives at 801-1100 points.

Contributors also will become Forum Moderators for special sections on the board. Best of luck to all!
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