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Old 03/22/06, 06:19 PM   #11
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With all due respect Emma, don't shut down the boards, please...you might not come, but I suppose that would be okay with some of us. I don't like going on those HUGE forums, because you become insignificant...Just my opinion.
I live my own lie.
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Old 03/23/06, 02:17 AM   #12
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Well it's good to hear from you even if it's not exactly what we wanted to hear.

I completely understand you not returning. Things are getting a bit out of hand here. Like everyone else I could never hate you for being busy and not wanting to go to a place where people can't stop fighting over every litlle thing.

I shall wait for word of any other site for us to keep up with you.

Best Wishes
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Old 03/23/06, 04:09 AM   #13
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I would like to personally apoligize to you Emma. I was not aware that you wanted the forum to be shut down. I did not mean to go against your wishes. I am also sorry for allowing the board to remain crazy and not being sticter. Its just that I am not a very strict admin and beleive in a loose atmosphere where anything goes. Which works on a fan board but not a official forum. I was a little stricter here than I am at my PR board.. If I had to do things over again I would have probably have ran this place a bit tighter. I also haven't been around enough.

If you were to give m another chance Emma, I would run things per your orders. But I realize you probably want to start over more professionally.

I will respect your wishes and will not longer refer to this place as the official forums for your. If this site can no longer be your official forums than I would still like to keep it open in some shape or forum. Once choice would be having this be another fan site with no affilation to you. Just like RB is not an offical site for Power Rangers. Or I could just rebrand this board for the people here into something new to keep the community together.
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Old 03/23/06, 11:17 AM   #14
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here's a recent message from emma about her moving... i found it on her site..

"Hello everybody,

Just an update - i had to leave my situation in New York and I have now relocated to Vancouver, B.C.

And we are aware of the person posting about breaking Brandon and I up... of course this is completely false and also illegal. Thank you for your messages and concerns..."
"Watch out for the flying monkeys!"
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Old 03/23/06, 11:23 AM   #15
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Originally Posted by Razi
I have loved you since the beginning. You are indeed my Idol, and I can't say anything less. Never, ever, in my wildest dreams, will you ever be hated by me. I am here by your side, a loyal, and dedicated fan. You are truely awesome.

I actually don't blame you for not wanting to return. There is definitely a lot of chaos here, and that turns people away.I am sorry that you won't be returning, but I will never hate you for that, or anything. I aspire to be someone like you.

Anyway, my point is that even though we say these things, there are always gonna be people there for you, never giving, up. Those are your true fans.

Luv Ya!

-Theresa Hoyer aka Razi
i agree....hopefully she'l post back on whichforums she's gonna be on...it's definetly Chaotic over here....a bunch of people have been at each other ever since the forums came back up...i think it's stupid just to arguee...as Emma would like to say "Don't hate, Appreciate!"......even i have ended up argueeing sometimes.it's just plain Stupid...... going a little off-topic here:...i actually want to get a CD made with my songs soon..hopefully i can.i'l tell u guys when i have a copy of the live version...i think i'm going back to the Ederly home in May 17..or something..i'll keep you guys posted if anything comes up.....talk to u guys l8er..

Esther Alperin
"Watch out for the flying monkeys!"
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Old 03/23/06, 01:03 PM   #16
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Default Re: Hello

Originally Posted by emma
Hey everybody,

So you are all mad at me for not being here - thats ok i understand. It was actually not to my knowledge that the board was up and running again.
Now for you to hate me even more...
I am not going to be returning to the forums. I actually asked awhile back for them to be shut down, and it seems they were not. I just feel that there is too much drama going on here and its beyond my control. So i would feel more comfortable setting up something where i can control it and things cant get to crazy.
When that has happened it will be announced on my site.
So for those of you who understand and dont hate me ill see you there - whereever that may be!
And for those of you who dont forgive me, i understand, and good luck with everything!


emma, i totally understand and im not one of the 1's that hate you, i hope to see you on your official site at some point.
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Old 03/23/06, 03:58 PM   #17
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sorry your not comin back emma. I'll always be ur fan and i've always stood by u! Good Luck
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Old 03/23/06, 05:45 PM   #18
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Good Im glad this forum inst official anymore . But Emma none of us hates you! your music rocks!
I never liked this forum any way because it wasnt you if you know what i mean.

Good luck with everything
work hard
Love Jessica
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Old 03/23/06, 06:54 PM   #19
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well emma, hope you go well in the music and acting business but i'm really sad that you have to leave :cry: and no one is angry at you were all happy for you
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Old 03/24/06, 02:10 PM   #20
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I'm so glad to hear from you, I didn't care that we didn't for a long time, since I know you're so busy with everything.

I do have to say I'm sad these are closing, but I have to agree with you on all the drama, it's bugging me as well, but I hope there can be another place you can establish that will make you happy.

Much love,
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