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Default Re: Sentai footage and PR footage model differences

Originally Posted by RitoRevolto View Post
The Ninja and Shogun ultrazords were atrocious. It's hard to tell because these things go so fast, but they used toys in the Thunderzord calls, the transformations were original footage.

Serpentera did have a real scale problem in Wild Force, but keep in mind they were forced to use Disney's CG team.

There have been times, though, that PR has gotten the actual suits, like the Thunder Megazord, Tigerzord Battle Mode, Shogunzords, Mega Winger, Astro, all the LG hardware, Omega, Q-Rex, Mode Blue, SWAT.

Thing is, most of the time, these battles are mostly re-cut stock footage because these things are simply hard to shoot. Endings, the fight was mostly slightly modified stock footage. Ninja Quest Part 1, the fight was mostly Kaku, Zyu2 and Dairanger except for the shots they couldn't get anywhere else.

I can think of just a few times we've actually gotten truly original full zord fights, either by necessity or otherwise, not to say there weren't other scenes of consequence PR improvised. We've seen a lot of decent CG and other shots in Dino Charge.
yea the Ultrazords and Serpentera were bad but they really couldn't do anything there. They didn't have Kakuranger mecha models or the Titanus model and in the case of Serpentera they only had the suit which would've deteriorated by then but they wouldn't have had its model either generally Toei doesn't send them the models for whatever reason.

you're mostly correct with the zord suits they received except you forgot about the Delta Megazord and Mega Voyager, we can't say they had gotten all the LG hardware since we don't know if they had the Galactazord or Torozord suits and we also don't know if they were given Defender Torozord's other weapon or the Lights of Orion attachments for the Galaxy Megazord, you forgot about the Lifeforce Megazord, Lightspeed Solarzord and Max Solarzord, you're mostly right about Time Force except they did have Time Shadow, they had mostly almost all mecha from Gaoranger even though we didn't see much original zord footage in Wild Force, they had the Thunder Megazord in Ninja Storm and while the Swat Megazord was in original footage it actually wasn't the suit it was just all CGI.

Originally Posted by Ankh Primo View Post
**** American Klank costume.
Originally Posted by Ankh Primo View Post
His face looked like it was squished or something.
And I'm not sure if this had to do with the quality of the Ohranger footage, but even the American version's red coloring seemed too bright.
I don't really see the face issue but I would imagine the brightness is just partially because of the Ohranger footage that and because we were usually accustomed to him being in the Skybase which was usually darker lighting.
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