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Default Favorite Monsters?

As much as we love the Rangers and the main villains, what about the monsters,
those unfortunates and underpaid mercenaries of evil? Here are some of my
favorites over the seasons and its pretty long, so go ahead and get a sandwich
and drink or better yet, just post you favorites first before reading threw my
article. I'll be looking forward to your selections.
The Giant, because giants themselves are my favorite creature from folklore and
mythology and the whole Spaniard design was well done in the context for the
character's inspiration.


Eye Guy, which from my experiences is one of the most recognizable monsters
from the whole franchise. Also, from his original Japanese appearance, he's
inspired by Argus Panoptes, a giant from Greek myth who had hundreds upon
hundreds of eyes over his body and was a beloved servant to Hera herself.
Though with all the good things going for him, I prefer Eye Guy's first voice
to the later one they use, a terrible Peter Lorre impression


Nasty Knight, such a bad and questionable name for an otherwise opposing and
impressive armored warrior. Powerful too, since Rita herself created him if
memory serves me correctly. Too bad he never made a return engagement.


Madame Woe, female monsters are always neat and the whole Chinese sorceress /
ghost motif worked well. Too bad she didn't go Godzilla size by episodes' end,
her masterly over the elements magnified tens fold would have made one hell of
a challenge for the rangers.


Dark Warrior, a very cunning and intelligent ninja monster who also really
needed a comeback episode, voiced quite menacingly by Tom Wyner, who also did
Furio, Master Vile, and the Teddy Bear Bomber from "Cowboy Bebop".


Hatchasaurus, the suit wasn't all that hot, but he was a monster in the purest
sense of being totally animalistic and Godzilla-like. Also his sentient heart,
Cardiatron was cool, perhaps a little more so then Hatchasaurus himself. And I
was surprised when he returned for season 2, though I like the non-talking
original better.


Cyclopsis, Goldar's War-Zord and the first of many such evil robots, almost
anime-ish in appearance. Lokar the massive demonic floating head was a great
partner to the machine and its pilot, I would list him too but he seems more
like main villain then monster


The Mantis, sort of like the female version of the Dark Warrior as far as
smarts and persona goes. Mantises are also one of my more favorite animals and
the big shining purple eyes were neat as well.


Mondo the Magician, very cool looking bad guy in an otherwise not so well done
episode. Also voiced by Mike Reynolds, whom does only one groggy old man voice
for all his roles, but he does it well. He has also done the voices for Captain
Mutiny, the Shipwreak Org, Mister Mechanau, and General Ivar in "VR Troopers"


Serpentera, the massive Chinese dragon style zord of Lord Zedd who could take
on an army of giant monsters, Godzilla and Evangelions among them, though I
prefer the original version of this character, Great God Dragon from
"Dairangers" better. As Jill from the "Sentai Spoilers" web page quotes: *sigh*
I generally like Power Rangers, really I do. But how they decide to treat
assorted things they buy from the Sentai series is really annoying. They turned
a stellar god into a fancy family CAR, for god sakes!


Scatterbrain, why do I like this guy...have no clue other then he's the best
Kaleidoscope monster ever! Now thinking about it, he's the only Kaleidoscope
monster ever!


Blue Globber, who to me is the Goldar to Master Vile, though he didn't make it
after his initial first three episodes. Globber's ability to take the powers
from his opponents and the slime motif adds to the fact that Blue is my
favorite color.


Katharine, yes Katharine, who not only replaced Kimberly as the pink ranger in
season 3 but was the first ranger to become a monster, a Kat Monster to be
prosaic...and yes, the pun was most intended. Again, like Madame Woe and Icy
Angel, femme fatal girl monsters are cool and although Kat supposed to be a
feline, her design is obviously inspired from the 9-tailed foxes of Japanese
folklore. For those of you still reading this, other then Kat, Brat Boy and the
Barillian Bug, what other rangers or human supporting characters have done
monster duties?


Stariod, the first agent of the Machine Empire, had a good design and the power
to transform into a huge silver sphere that could generate immense heat.


Punch-a-Bunch, bad name and ridiculous concept of a boxer robot, but the nice
copper muscular body design with cycloptic eye, mean face expression, blue
shorts with red boxer gloves and a gigantic boxing ring made him cool in his
own ridiculous way. I wonder who would win in a battle...Punch-a-Bunch or
Bopp-a-roo from "Power Rangers Ninja Storm"?


Somnibot, she was just too cute and likeable for her own good.


Electrovolt, one of the few 'serious' looking monsters from "Power Rangers
Turbo" the crimson red warrior with a anime-ish human machine like design,
somewhat similar to Ecliptor from the following year's series. And he rode a
motorcycle and did it a little better then Motodrone too!


Mad Mike, not as infamous as Pudgy Pig, but outrageous non-the less, I enjoyed
him on a pure camp value. It was only a matter of time that Japan would create
a giant monster based on pizza. Plus one of the few monsters in PR that gets an
in-joke mention years after his only appearance, in the episode "Forever Red"
from "Wild Force"...hmmm, maybe he is as infamous as Pudgy Pig.


Mutanrus, the blue octopus headed nasty looking giant mutant spawn of Darkonda
and a pure animalistic monster as well, avoid of speech and rational thought.
"Power Rangers in Space" featured a boatload of great monsters and villains
with this guy leading the charge in my list. Other major favorites include
Ecliptor, Darkonda, Fright Wing, the Psycho Rangers, Tankenstein, Sting King,
Lunatik, and these next bunch of guys...


Craterites, okay, pink isn't a very terrifying color and these guys are one of
the worst looking cannon fodder or soldiers I've seen. But the fact that their
one of those threats independent from the main enemy and that they had the
ability to connect like a barrel of monkeys to form a single walking giant
gives them high points in my book for uniqueness alone. If I was more into fan
fiction, I'd probably rip-off the idea and create a team of giant monsters
gestalt from various armies of cannon fodder. Like the 'Putty Titan', 'the
Tenga King' 'Mega Cog' and 'the Batling Beast'


Destuxo, all of the monsters under Treacheron command in "Lost Galaxy" had this
neat feudal Japan samurai and warriors meet aquatic animal life thing going on
in their designs. In fact, Treacheron was a manta ray crossed with a Shinto
priest. Destruxo is supposed to be a samurai crossed with a crab, but it comes
off more like a demonic samurai instead, with little indication of a crustacean
there. Still, great design and like Blue Globber, was a rather big player in
the various episodes he appeared in. What's funny is that Dustruxo's
high-pitched voice is done by Neil Kaplan, better know for heavy deep sounding
characters like Gluto and Diabolico. Like Madame Woe, I wished he had gone
giant size.


Icy Angle, very intelligent, cunning and eerily beautiful winged vixen...she
would have probably been the perfect life long companion to Dark Warrior if PR
monsters had dating services. The only problem I have with this other wise
great monster is her bizarrely shaped shoulders.


Chameliac, despite the name, he was a black and white chest knight robot over a
lizard monster and had the ability to mechanically mimic his opponents attacks
and fighting style. The episode that featured him was really his own.


Titanisaur and Grunchor, Captain Mutiny's most vicious and most impressive
monsters under his command, both coming from the Godzilla school of animalistic
giant beasts and are better in that department then Hatchasaurus is. Not only
that, the suits used for both characters are freaking huge, with the adult
Grunchor probably being 10 feet at possible most compared to a regular actor.
By my estimate, the megazord suits are 7 feet on average. If Captain Mutiny had
more terrors like these two on hand, he would probably have survived that
ambush from Trekeena and defeat her soon after.


Magmavore, a hulking and impressive volcanic titan who in his initial
appearance featured some good model work and special effects, really adding to
the illusion of a being of great destructive power. Plus he gets a return
performance and unlike Hatchsaurus (sorry Hatchy) remains mute!


Demonite, Thundron and Falkar, or 'the Three White Feathers' as I like to
collectively refer to them as. Similar to Blue Globber as monsters who are
close to being main villains, and their combine form of Trika was also nicely
design, as compare to similar gestalt monsters, like Hexuba's jarring final
form. Though with all those good things mentioned, doesn't Falkar come off a
little...um, how to put it politely...'fancy' to you, or is it just me?


Spellbinder, the demon wizard who helped Queen Bansheera return from the
grave...and starting a whole slew of troubles and tragedies in connection to
that evil witch, with a 'B' replacing the 'W', if you catch my drift. Still,
very neat demon with a H.P. Lovecraft / Cthulu Cult motif happing in his
character, powers, and designs.


Vexicon, one of the worst of the worst in the mutant underworld from "Time
Force", the 'demonic rainbow slug' design is a little odd at first. But quickly
grows on you after Vexicon throws some egg-timer bombs into unsuspecting
crowds, showing just how evil and murderous this mutant psychopath can be. But
as scary as Vexicon is, he's just a step below this next guy...


Venomark, the virus carrying mutant whose body appears to be in constant pain
and have one of the most unnerving faces a Power Ranger monster could have.
Even Ransik was wary of this guy, though it was obvious that in there second
meeting in 2001, Venomark lost a bit of his edge over the mutant crime boss.
But if there's one thing I think we can all agree on and it's that Venomark
made long ominous cloaks fashionable long before Motodrone showed up.


Brickneck, the mutant employed by Ransik to retrieve the Quantum ranger morpher
when it was first discovered. Despite such an obvious and poor name, he was
very cool in a Bobba Fett bounty hunter sort of way and the design was sleek,
simplistic and alien, with a nice shade of navy blue. Also, Brickneck says one
of the funniest lines a PR monster has ever said; after sending the Time Force
Ranger to the ground, Jenn the pink ranger gets up and yells in heroic defiance
that "nothing can destroy the Time Force Rangers!" It's here that Brickneck
replies "well, then allow me to introduce myself...I'm nothing...and I am going
to destroy the power rangers!" Like Madame Woe and Destorxo, Brickneck should
have gone giant size.


Shipwreck Org, who I like for several reasons, first off he's somewhat
distinguishable from almost all the other Orgs, mostly because he has two
menacing red eyes as compared to a single comical one. And his face or head was
located on top of his body as compared to his stomach or chest. The whole
amalgam of broken sea vessels gives him a creepy quality and again, Mike
Reynolds, which matches with the design very well, voices him.


Wolfblades, Shimazu's scary and vicious pets who can merge into one giant
gestalt form and were a nice change of paste from the overly comical creatures
we usually found in Ninja Storm. Although despite that, it didn't stop the
rangers from spurting one dog stereotype and pun after another during their
battles with these terrible beasts.


Whole, did I just wrote all of that!?! Man, I must like Power Ranger monster
even more then I originally stated. Does that make me a traitor for the forces
of evil? Thanks for actually sitting down and taking the time to read my
disturbingly over detailed analysis of these characters. And as mentioned
above, can't wait to hear yours picks for favorite PR monsters, and what the
heck, mention main villains while your at it as well, I was just being anal in
my article. Special thanks to GrnRngr.com, The Power Rangers Writer Guide,
Jill's Sentai Spoilers, and Japan Hero for images.

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Default Re: Favorite Monsters?

who cares about liking monsters? There's a bunch that I like as well so I don't see a problem with it in fact here are some of the ones that I like.

King Sphinx, Pudgy Pig, Eyeguy, Snizzard, Knasty Knight, Shellshock, Terror Toad
Lokar-powered up Mutitus, Cyclops, Hatchasaurus, Cardiatron, Twin Man

Pipebrain, Gatekeeper aka Key Monster, Doomstone the Tombstone Monster, Nimrod, AC, DC, Beamcaster, Needlenose, Scatterbrain, Silverhorns

Hate Master, Dischordia, Blue Globbor (except for the Ranger form)
Katastrophe, Parrot Top
Brick Bully (both)
See Monster, Slotski, Barbaric Brothers, Sinister Simian, Hydro Hog, Vampirus, Centiback

Mechanizer, Mean Screen, Main Drain, Wolfbane, Altor, Silo, Varox, Mace Face, Cruel Chrome, Nuklifier

Demon Racer (both)
Terrortooth, Electrovolt, Dreadfeather, Crash, Torch Tiger,

Lizwizard, Clawhammer, Sting King, Horror Bull but just the 2nd one, Mamamite, Termitis, Mutantrus, Lionizer, Spikey, Body Switcher, Tankenstein

Samuron, Destruxo, Impostra, Hardtochoke, Chameliac, Magnetox, Loyax, Ironite

Magmavore 2nd form, Fireor, Strikning, Trifire, Demonite, Thunderon, Falkar, Troika, Cyclopter, Infinitor, Gatekeeper

Fatcatfish, Steelix, Tentaclaw, Dash, Vexicon, Brickneck, Conwing, Commandocon, Cinecon, Univolt, Venomark

Samurai Org, Quadra Org

Skyscrapper, Beevil, Wolfblades, Goldwinger, Condortron

Golden Rod, Scorpex, Fossilador, White Terrorsaurus, Skortch, White Terrorsaurus 2nd form, Jade Gladiator, Ruby Dragon

Benaag, Katana, Devastation, Mirloc, Icthior

Gargoyle, Jester, Behemoth, Spydex, Gnatu, Warmax, Chimera

Vulcon, Dragonizer, Bullox, Crazar, Magmador,
Gakko, Naja, Shadow Guards,
Negatron, Robtish, Armadeevil, Vulpes, Steeleto, Antberry, Splitface, Arachnitor, Maldan, Gigertox
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Default Re: Favorite Monsters?

I have always had a soft spot for the season 1 monsters. They seem more memorable.
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Default Re: Favorite Monsters?

Commander Crayfish is my favorite. He just seemed perfect for PR.
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Default Re: Favorite Monsters?

I liked Parantushead. He did some of the most damage to a Rantwr team. Takint out the Dinozords and just terroizing the cjty
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Default Re: Favorite Monsters?

The MMPR monsters sure are popular here. I am gonna go with Footszilla. Just because he was so over the top funny.
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Default Re: Favorite Monsters?

Mechinizer was cool. Mainly because the action figure looked bad ass lol
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Default Re: Favorite Monsters?

Do the Beatleborgs as Machine Generals count?
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Default Re: Favorite Monsters?

Originally Posted by VR Master View Post
Do the Beatleborgs as Machine Generals count?
Venjix wouldn't but the others would.
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