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Default "The Power Transfer" vs "Passing The Torch": Which Did You Prefer?

Now we both know this 2 parters get a bit of controversy for replacing cast members half way through the season. But I ask, which two parter did the cast switch up better? Which one did it worse? Which season improved after the cast change? Which didn't?

Personally, I actually enjoyed "Passing The Torch" A LOT more. Sure Rocky, Adam and Aisha were introduced a couple of episodes before "The Power Transfer", but the actual power transfer was terrible. The powers look like they were split instead of transferred with Jason, Zack and Trini still being in their suits afterwards. I know the 3 actors weren't there and the writers had to work around it, but the moment is rather stupid. Shouldn't that mean Jason, Zack and Trini still have their powers? Also, it doesn't help that once Aisha, Adam and Rocky appear, it's obvious Austin, Walter and Thuy aren't there with obviously bad stock footage of Jason, Zack and Trini. So Jason, Zack and Trini never really met Aisha, Adam and Rocky!!

But in "Passing the Torch", we get a good introduction of TJ and Cassie, actually see them being heroic and interacting with Power Rangers before being chosen to replace by Tommy and Kat. Sure, Carlos and Ashley don't do as much but AT LEAST they introduced a couple of episodes while the original cast was there. We saw Carlos and Ashley help Adam fight some Piranathrons in "A Drive to Win", showing they were also somewhat heroic and decent fighters. I guess it would have been better if Tanya actually met Ashley, showing why she chose her to replace her but its a small nit pick in an otherwise strong two parter. It also helps that this cast change over not only boosted the ratings but established a better cast for the season. Let's be serious, Tommy and the original cast were pretty boring during Turbo while the new team got good character development and had more to do. Heck, even Justin fit better with the new team. Unlike after "The Power Transfer", the season went downhill in my opinion. Except for maybe Aisha, Rocky and Adam were pretty weak replacements with little personality. Now their personalities improved a bit in Zeo but in MMPR, they just didn't live up to Jason and Zack who, while stereotyped, had defined personalities. The dynamic honestly wasn't the same and didn't really gel again til Season 3 in my opinion. But anyway, what do you guys think?
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