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We all know that Karone's emotions were under the control of the cyber equitment when she was Cyber Astronoma. But can the same be said for Ecliptor?

He didn't seem to act much different as Cyber Ecliptor. And he still had an incredible fondness for Astronoma. Which you think would have been what the cyber equitment would have repressed. Plus Ecliptor wasn't spared by Zordon's Wave.

Could it have been that Ecliptor was given a second chance and upgrade by Dark Spector's wishes? Maybe Ecliptor decided that the Cyber Equitment would repress Karone's good side and allow her to return to her old ways. Which he may have felt was actually best for her. Since Ecliptor was on the side of evil. He only helped the Ranger's escape that rogue planet to protect Astronoma. Since he probably assumed she would be executed for her failures. Once he learned of Dark Spector's plans for her he may have felt it was now in her best interest to get caught.

Could it have been that Ecliptor was not under any control from the Cyber Equitment?
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Default Re: Cyber Ecliptor and his free will

That's a good theory with Ecliptor. Also I think it's possible that the cyber-programming did nothing to alter his personality, it was just a ploy to get Karone distracted if she returned to the Dark Fortress like Dark Specter suspected she may.
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