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04/17/02, 11:32 PM
Anywhere know where I can write a good Power Ranger fanfic where people will read it?And no i don't mean fanfiction.net.

Cross My Line
04/18/02, 04:16 PM
You create your own site, and then advertise it like hell in the........... FANFIC FORUM.

Which really, is also where this belongs. Why is it seemingly no one on this board only, can't grasp what goes where? People like CubeRanger, Homer and plenty of other people in the past. Do they realise how stupid it makes them look?

04/18/02, 07:51 PM
Do you realize that you're a jerk who should just mind his own business instead of insulting everyone on some mistakes like they're retarded.......don't tell me you're Mr. Perfect and you've never made mistakes!

Cross My Line
04/19/02, 04:33 PM
My name isn't Curt Hennig, so I can't be Mr Perfect. Beat that sucka.

And how hard is it, to see on the main page, the forum name telling you thats where you put fanfics? hmm? People who don't are just moronic. Its not a "mistake", its them being jackasses.

And of course, that makes them SOL, and we all know what that means.

Dragon Voyager2
04/20/02, 04:01 AM
Suckin ona' lolipop?