View Full Version : who died

go galactic
02/21/02, 08:30 PM
who died from the pr cast what was his/hers character and why did he/she dies

02/21/02, 08:56 PM
Thuy Trang aka Trini
Died in a car accident without her seatbelt on.

Cross My Line
02/23/02, 09:16 AM
I thought her seatbelt was off. Thats why she died......

02/23/02, 01:08 PM
Isn't that what I just posted?
without her seatbelt on..

Cross My Line
02/23/02, 01:28 PM
Did i disagree with you? No:p I wasn't sure that was the reason, thats all.

02/23/02, 06:13 PM
Ooh, misinterpretation then.

psychic ranger
01/24/11, 03:18 PM
Whoever played Trini.