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03/19/02, 04:09 AM
Symbolism-I love it. I love writing about it and I enjoy experiencing. For example, I sneak in PR episode titles (such as "White Light," "From Deep in the Shadows," "From out of Nowhere") into my book. But there's a new edge I want to ride on now. I now want to know the Sentai names for all PR counterparts. The only one I know of is Jinxer. In Sentai, he is Pierre. Any additional names that are graciously submitted to this list will be greatly appreciated and I acknowledge your efforts when my book is finished and when it is one day animated. Many thanks.

go galactic
03/19/02, 07:34 AM
list :
rita - bandora
goldar- grifonzer
scorpina - lammy
squat - buckbuck
baboo- tottpat
finster- Puripurikan
lokar - dai satan
mondo the magician - shadam
master vile - daimou
rito - gasha skull
king mondo- baccus wrath
queen machina - histeria
sprocket - buldont
gasket- kaiser buldont (since in sentai its just sprocket rebuild)
klank- acha
orbus - kocha
rygog - gynamo
elgar - zelmoda
porto - grotch
goldgoyle - exahus
darknonda - gurail
ecliptor - yugande
darkliptor - giga gurail
psycho rangers - neji rangers
tankstien- grand nejiros
villmax- sanbash
barbarx - batbat
captain mutiny- captain zahibu
treacheron - budu
hexuba - iless
titanisaur - ditanix
keglar - Pukuratesu
deviot - biznella
diabolico - zylpheeza
loki - koblad
vypra - japanse woman with same hair color and clothes called venus
impus - drop
olympus - salaman
jinxer- pierre
bansheera - grandieme
gluto - don duronero
frax- gien
nadira- japanse woman with same hair color and clothes called lira
jinderax-yaba iba
toxica - tsue tsue

Cross My Line
03/19/02, 05:26 PM
I think Goldar was actually called Griffozor or something like that. I at least know there is definitely no n in his name.

go galactic
03/21/02, 08:04 AM
enough names for ya ?

Cross My Line
03/22/02, 12:22 AM
No. I want 72 thousand names. :rollin

03/22/02, 02:57 AM
Yowzers. It's good enough.:) Now what about the Zords/Mechas? Here's what I know...
Lightspeed Megazord-Grand Liner
Max Solarzord-Liner Boy
Supertrain Megazord-Victory Robo
Time Force Megazord-Time Robo
Q-Rex- V-Rex
Time Shadow-Time Shadow
Wild Force Megazord-Gao King

go galactic
03/22/02, 07:55 AM
i will help u in this too
dino megazord - daizyujin
dragonzord-dragon ceaser
pteradactyle dinozord- pteranadon
mastodon dinozord - mammoth
titanus - king brachion
dragonzord battle mode - gourjin
megazord tank mode - dino tanker
megadragonzord- i dont know its name in japanese but the translation Beast Emperor Great Beast God
dino ultrazord - Kyukyudaijujin
white tiger zord - won tiger
tor- daimugen
megatigezord- daiwonou
thunder megazord - dairenou
assault team-Heaven Chi Palace
thunder ultrazord - Heavy Armor Chi Palace
serpentera - daijinryuu
red shogun zord-Red Saruder
white shogun zord- White Kark
yellow shogun zord- Yellow Kumardo
blue shogun zord- Blue Logan
black shogun zord -Black Gammer
red ape ninjazord - god saruder
white falcon zord - Tsubasamaru
pink crane ninja zord - god kark
black frog ninjazord - god gammer
blue wolf ninja zord - god logan
shogun megazord - muteki shogun
ninja megazord - dai kakure shogun
battle borgs - beast generals
zeo zord 5-Skyphoenix
zeo zord 4 - grantaurus
zeo zord 3 - dash leon
zeo zord 2- dogu lander
zeo zord 1 - moa loader
zeo megazord - ohrangerrobo
red battle zord - red puncher
zeo megabattle zord - Buster Ohrrangerrobo
pyramidas- King Pyramider
zeo ultrazord- King Pyramider Battle Formation
super zeo zords - blockers, each named by color example - green blocker ,blue blocker
super zeo megazord - ohblocker
warior wheel - tackle boy
turbo zords - all Vehicle in color names, blue Vehicle, red Vehicle
turbo megazord - rv robo
rescue zords - all named v and their rescuse job,v fire, v police
rescue megazord - vrv robo
artilatron - victrailer
metalsaurus - braking
terror zord- noshiron 12
diva zord - sky gigune
shark zord - marine zaboon
catzord - land zuzoon
astro megaship - megaship
mega shuttle - megashuttle
astro megazord - galaxy mega
delta megazord - delta mega
astro delta megazord - super galaxy mega
mega voyager - mega voyager
mega winger- mega winger
lion galactabeast - gingaleon
gorrila galactabeast - gingarilla
wolf galacatbeast - gingaverik
condor galacatbeast - gingalcon
wild cat galacatbeast - gingato
galactabeasts- star beasts
galactazords - silver starbeasts,for example - silver gingalcon silver gingaleon
torozord - gotaurus
defender torozord - Bulltaurus
galaxy megazord - gingaloh
starforce megazord- ginga pheonix
centaurus megazord - ginga rhinos
zenith carrier zord - giga bitus
lightspeed megazord- victory robo
supertrain megazord - grand liner (u got it mixed up)
omega megazord - victory mars
lifeforce megazord - sigma project
time flyers- time jets
time force megazord mode red - time alpha
time force megazord mode blue - time beta
shadow force megazord mode red - shadow alpha
shadow force megazord mode blue - shadow beta
transwarp megazord - providus
wild force megazord double knuckle - gao king double knuckle
wild force megazord spear mode - gao king spear
wild force megazord sword and shield mode - gao king sword and shield
wild force kongazord - gao muscle
wild force predazord - gao hunter

Cross My Line
03/22/02, 08:36 PM
AstroMegazord was called Galaxy Mega from what I can recall.

go galactic
03/24/02, 07:40 AM
anything else u want me to tell its sentai name windgrail?

Cross My Line
03/24/02, 09:57 AM
If he did, he would ask.........

go galactic
03/24/02, 03:38 PM
i wasnt asking u cml

Cross My Line
03/24/02, 10:18 PM
:rolleyes silly fool.

go galactic
03/25/02, 07:30 AM
moronic jackass

Cross My Line
03/25/02, 05:04 PM
Nice one *insert thumbs up icon from my board*

03/26/02, 04:04 AM
Alright GG, How many Rangers can you whip up here? I'm talking their identities AND their Ranger names. Allies such as Ninjor, Blue Senturion, Silver Guardians etc.

go galactic
03/26/02, 08:11 AM
red mighty morphin ranger(zyuranger and dairanger)- tyrano ranger,ryuu ranger
yellow mighty morphin ranger(zyuranger and dairanger)- sabertooth ranger, kriin ranger
pink mighty morphin ranger(zyuranger and dairanger)- ptera ranger,pheonix ranger
blue mighty morphin ranger(zyuranger and dairanger) - tricera ranger, pegasus ranger
black mighty morphin ranger(zyuranger and dairanger)- mammoth ranger,(GREEN) lion ranger
green/white mighty morphin power ranger - dragon ranger(from zyuranger) kiba ranger(white from dairanger)
aquitian rangers - kakurangers
red aquitian ranger - ninjared
white aqutian ranger - ninjawhite
blue aquitian ranger - ninjablue
black aquitian ranger - ninjablack
yellow aquitian ranger - ninjayellow
zeo rangers - OHrangers
zeo red -OHred
zeo blue - OHblue
zeo green - OHgreen
zeo yellow - OHyelllow
gold ranger - kingranger
turbo rangers - carrangers
turbo red - red racer
every name in sentai is color and the word racer :green racer blue ranger
space rangers - megarangers
every sentai ranger name is mega and color - mega red mega blue
galaxy rangers - gingaman , the names are ginga and the color - gingared gingagreen
lightspeed rangers - go go five - every name is go and color- go red go yellow
time force rangers - timerangers, again just the word time and color
wild force rangers - gaorangers, the rangers names are gao and the color - gao red gao black
titanus - king brachion
tor - daimugen
ninjor - ninjaman, ninjor battle mode - samuraiman
auric - gunmajin
phantom ranger - VRV master
blue senturian- signalman
centaurus and starforce megazords(the rangers dont own them so they are basicly just allies)- ginga rhinos and ginga pheonix
magna defender (original) - bullblack
silver guardians - city guardians

Cross My Line
03/26/02, 05:10 PM
I still love the fact that the best PR enemy ever, Lord Zedd was entirely American made.

go galactic
03/26/02, 05:18 PM
no one asked you CML

Cross My Line
03/26/02, 10:55 PM
:rolleyes You think I actually care? Shows how much you know dumbass.

03/27/02, 07:24 AM
Alright GG.
I agree with CML- Lord Zedd is still my fav villian, though Ransik is a close tie. Still, they're both American made. The original Lord Zedd costume was auctioned off in yahoo 3 months ago I believe. It sold for $900. An interesting factoid, imo.

go galactic
03/27/02, 08:36 AM
anything else u want me to give its sentai name?
and besides,who bought it , a realy spoiled kid who begged his rich parents and then ripped the costume, or a guy or girl that do sado masocism - oh yeah spank my zedd, or just a rich guy that wanted to show he has money

Cross My Line
03/27/02, 06:11 PM
If I could but the Zedd costume I would. Be a great way to scare kids on Halloween;)

03/28/02, 03:02 AM
Poor Zeddy. The yahoo pics showed MAJOR deterioration of the latex and the chrome painting was starting to peel. Now THERE'S an idea for a story...

go galactic
03/28/02, 09:00 AM
zedd- the crushed emperor

Cross My Line
03/28/02, 05:13 PM
If the chrome continues to peel, out will go that old tinsel teeth dig.

go galactic
03/31/02, 09:21 AM
maybe the owner is a dentist

Cross My Line
03/31/02, 12:18 PM
Or maybe you were dropped on your head several times as a baby.

go galactic
03/31/02, 07:37 PM
what the @#%$ does it have to do with it?

go galactic
03/31/02, 07:39 PM
what the @#%$ does it have to do with it?
i dont see why i should stop posting about a subject after u are trying to ruin the post beacuse your obssesed with it

Cross My Line
03/31/02, 10:39 PM
Obsessed with what? Marshmallows? Ruining a post? It seems you are obsessed with thinking I try to ruin posts.

04/01/02, 02:42 AM
Bye-bye point, and farewell for you have long since flown out of the window and joined with the wind...

Cross My Line
04/01/02, 10:14 AM
The point's been and sorted. Once again, whats the point in sticking to the first topic in a thread, when there is no longer anything to discuss about it? hmm?

04/02/02, 11:48 PM
Then riddle me this, Socrates- why waste posting space with tiring dribble-drabble rather than communicating with the person outsiiiiiiide the messageboard. Ooh, here's a thought(but read carefully so you can understand) if ya feel the need to express such thoughts on the board, now get this, START YOUR OWN THREAD...hmm? Whatever.
Now then, I wanna make sure GG knows that his efforts are much appreciated and will be applied as smoothly as possible. My Sentai collection is a set of 6 Timeranger eps so far, but i plan on adding to it whenever possible. Ant suggestions as to where to get ahold of official sentai videos or teamup movies?

Cross My Line
04/02/02, 11:57 PM
ftp.jacklynes.com when that was up and running had the teamup movies.

As for videos......... the tokusatsu website had some, but I can't remember the address for that. Ask over at PRC, people over there will definitely know.

if ya feel the need to express such thoughts on the board, now get this, START YOUR OWN THREAD...hmm?

Yes, because its really worth taking someone's post, and then starting a whole new thread just to reply to it:rolleyes:
Firstly, would just make the whole board's flow stop, and secondly, even all these idiots didn't keep giving me something to reply to, then it wouldn't happen would it? hmm? Think about that, as you think "why the hell do I come to this board??"
Half the fun of message boards is that you cn talk about anything. Think about it. If every single post kept to the first topic, this place would be so boring. There wouldn't be nearly as many posts, and it wouldn't be as much fun as it is.
If you want this board to become the boring, no post place that it once was, then by all means, go and create a board of your own. You'll see how well sticking to "subject" all the time works.

go galactic
04/04/02, 04:10 PM
or just be the lazyass snob u r and dont do it
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Cross My Line
04/04/02, 04:38 PM
and almost all of your posts on this board are retarded cry baby replies to what I say.

Grow up jackass.

go galactic
04/05/02, 03:38 PM
retarded cry baby repiles? your the one retarded here, u cant answer a simple stupid question, u make people's posts into your posts, so here is an advice - open your own one u moron

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Oh dear. Why are you so obsessed with this "me ruining posts" thing? Do you see anyone else complaining aside from you and Homer? (And even Homer's only doin it because you are. Whats the old saying? Morons stick together).

You seriously need to get a life. And like I've said before if you hate me so much, and can't handle what I do (which you clearly can't.) Leave, that or stop your @#%$ bitching.

04/08/02, 09:30 PM
You know, as much fun as it is to sit back and enjoy the show here, but let's just clear up one teeny thing. It's not a question of whether or not each of us has the right to post. Truth is this board wouldn't survive if it didn't have such a diverse culture of people here. Cross My Line possesses something unique from the rest us here, which enables him to have such a vast vault of expressiosn and opinions. We each have something to contribute to this board, even those who don't even post. (I hate when I sound like Princess Shayla, but...) My point is, this board, like many things in life, is held togther by a balance- a balance that can only be retained by everyone expressing their FULL opinions about everything and everyone. This includes petty remarks to other posters. If we can't handle the criticisms, then we're in the wrong messageboard. A true PR fan knows this already.

Cross My Line
04/08/02, 10:41 PM
I'd applaud, but you know.... there's no point.

Max Scott
05/04/02, 05:32 AM
Zack-Goushi(I'm not sure)
Trini(Female)-Boy or Boi(Male)
Jason(mmpr season 2),Rocky-Ryu(I think..)

And that's all I remember...

These should be helpful

Power Sword(jason)-Dragon Attack Sword

And there's this.

Mastadon Dinozord-JyuuMammoth

there's these...

Soaring Eagle-Noble Eagle(I think)
Lunar Wolf(full name unrevealed)-Sparkling Wolf
Wild Force Megazord-GaoKing
Wild Force megazord Sword and Sheild mode-Gaoking Sword and Shield
and so on it just doesn't have the mode..
Kongazord's Anchor thingy-Gao Anchor

Zordon(Zoltar in pilot episode)-Baarza(or something like that)

Power Morphers-Dino Bucklers

Tommy's Gold Power morpher- Dragon Buckler

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers(I,II,III)-Zyuranger(I)Dairanger(II)Kakuranger(III)

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers-Kakuranger

Power Rangers Zeo-Ohranger

Phantom Ranger-VRV Racer

Warrior Wheel-Tackle Boy

Machine Empire-Royal Family


02/20/14, 04:13 PM
Users didn't do too bad with the Sentai names although in regards to the last poster, there was no comparison for Eltar since that didn't exist in Zyuranger, not even as a comparison. Nemesis was the planetoid that Bandora ended up on in Zyuranger but in Power Rangers, they just called it The Moon even if it wasn't the Earth's Moon.

02/20/14, 04:44 PM
I think it's just one of those things where people want to believe that everything in Power Rangers is based on something in the Sentai even when it's not.

For instance semi OT I saw the Space Sheriff shows, and how they have the strange dimensions, and the characters have these spandex body suits they wear as uniforms

So I wanted to believe that that's where VR Troopers got the idea for the Battle Grid, and the Battle Grid suits.

02/21/14, 05:14 AM
I haven't seen any Metal Heroes but that's very true.
Something I'm definitely interested in seeing though especially ones like B-Fighter, B-Fighter Kabuto, the Space Sheriff stuff and of course Spielban and Metalder.

I plan on that being my next goal for comparison purposes. I just hope I can find the episodes.

02/21/14, 05:06 PM
I haven't seen any Metal Heroes but that's very true.
Something I'm definitely interested in seeing though especially ones like B-Fighter, B-Fighter Kabuto, the Space Sheriff stuff and of course Spielban and Metalder.

I plan on that being my next goal for comparison purposes. I just hope I can find the episodes.

I hear you that's why I'm watching Metalder, Spielban, and when I get there Shaider episodes for my VR Troopers reviews.

I've been able to find Metalder, and Shaider episodes with English subtitles but I've only been able to find Spielban episodes dubbed in Portuguese.

Anyway here's some links:

Shaider (http://m.youtube.com/index?tab=w1&desktop_uri=%2F%3Ftab%3Dw1#/results?q=shaider%20english%20subs&sm=3)

Metalder (https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=331527433621048&set=pb.104986706275123.-2207520000.1355618485&type=3&theater)

Anyway back on topic I always thought Zedd was supposed to be Sadam from Dairanger, Divatox was Zonnete from Carranger, Astronema was Shibolena from Megaranger, Trakeena was Shelinda from Gingaman etc.

02/22/14, 12:29 AM
that's probably so in most of those cases such as Divatox, Astronema, etc. since they were meant to replace their female counterparts. Not really sure I'd even view Zedd as a Sadam counterpart.

02/22/14, 12:37 AM
I think it's about having a similar role like Lothar for Tao Santo, or Mesogog for Dezumozorlya.

02/22/14, 11:50 AM
Yup, very true although Gruumm doesn't have a counterpart so that can't always work.

04/19/14, 03:50 PM
Y'know as long as I was bored, I thought I should do it/this for a few seasons at a time.

Sentai name will be on the left, Power Rangers name will be on the right.

Burai = Tommy
DragonRanger = Green Ranger
Goushi = Zack
MammothRanger = Black Ranger
Mei = Kimberly
PteraRanger = Pink Ranger
Dan = Billy
TriceraRanger = Blue Ranger
Boy (or Boi) = Trini
TigerRanger = Yellow Ranger. In Power Rangers, it was gender swapped.
Geki = Jason
TyrannoRanger = Red Ranger

Barza = Zordon

Dino Buckler = Power Morpher.
Dynocrystals = Power Crystals.
Ranger Stick = Blade Blaster
Ryuugekiken = Power Sword
Triceralance = Power Lance
Mothbreaker = Power Axe
Saber Daggers = Power Daggers
Ptera Arrow = Power Bow
Thunderslinger = I believe it kept the same name in Power Rangers but I can't be sure.
Howling Cannon = Power Blaster
Zyusoken = Dragon Dagger.
Dragon Armor = The shield Green Ranger wears, I don't believe it was given an official term in Power Rangers other than it being referred to as a shield.

Bandora = Rita
Grifforzer = Goldar
Bukkubakku = Squatt
Tottobatto = Baboo
Puripurikan = Finster
Lami = Scorpina
Dai Satan = Lokar
Golem Hei = Putties

Shogozyu = Dinozord
Mammoth = Mastodon Dinozord
Pteranodon = Pterodactyl Dinozord
Triceratops = Triceratops Dinozord
Saber Tiger = Saber-toothed Tiger Dinozord
Tyrannosaurus = Tyrannosaurus Dinozord
Daizyujin/Daijuujin = Megazord
Dinotanker = Tank Mode.
Dinosaur Sword Godhorn = Power Sword.
Dragon Ceasar = Dragonzord
Gouryuujin = Dragonzord Battle Mode/Dragonzord in Fighting Mode
Dragon Antler Drill= Power Staff.
Zyueti Daizyujin = Megadragonzord
King Brachion = Titanus
Kyuukyoku Daizyuin = Ultrazord

Nemesis = The Moon.

Kou = Tommy (Kou is a young kid)
KibaRanger = White Ranger

Aura Changer = Magna Morpher, Mike's Morpher for Lost Galaxy.

Byakkoshinken = Saba

Super Chi-Power Bazooka = Power Cannon

Ryuuseioh = Red Dragonzord
Tenku Kiden (Heavenly Chi Palace) = Thunderzord Assault Team
Dairen'oh = Thunder Megazord
Daioken = Thunder Saber
Won Tiger = White Tigerzord
Warrior Won Tiger = Tigerzord Warrior Mode
Kibadaioh = Megatigerzord
Daimugen = Tor
Judo Kiden = Thunder Ultrazord
Daijinryuu = Serpentera

Tsuruhime = Delphine
Jiraiya = Corcus
Saizou = Cestro
Seikai = Tideus
Sasuke = Aurico
NinjaWhite = White Alien Ranger
NinjaBlack = Black Alien Ranger
NinjaBlue = Blue Alien Ranger
NinjaYellow = Yellow Alien Ranger
NinjaRed = Red Alien Ranger
Ninjaman = Ninjor

Kyodai Juushou = Shogunzords
White Kark = White Shogunzord
Red Saruder = Red Shogunzord
Black Gammer = Black Shogunzord
Blue Logan = Blue Shogunzord
Yellow Kumard = Yellow Shogunzord

Invincible Shogun = Shogun Megazord
Flaming Shogun Sword = Fire Saber
Juushou Fighters = Battle Borgs
Chounin Beasts = Ninjazords
God Kark = Ape Ninjazord
God Gammer = Frog Ninjazord
God Loggan = Wolf Ninjazord
God Kumard = Bear Ninjazord
Kakure Daishogun = Ninja Megazord
God Burst Chop (left hand/arm) = Power Punch
God Hammer Punch (right hand/arm =
Iron Fist God Finish = Power Punch
Tsubasmaru = Falcon Ninjazord.
Super Muteki Shogun = Shogun Megafalconzord
Super Kakure Daishogun = Ninja Megafalconzord
Iron Fist Flying Finish = Power Punch

Gorma Palace = Deserted Planet

Gasha Skull = Rito
Daimaou = Master Vile
Skeleton Skull = Space Skull

Momo = Kat
Juri = Tanya
Yuuji = Rocky
Shouhei = Adam
Gorou = Tommy
Riki = Trey or Jason

OhPink = Zeo Ranger 1
OhYellow = Zeo Ranger 2
OhBlue = Zeo Ranger 3
OhGreen = Zeo Ranger 4
OhRed = Zeo Ranger 5
KingRanger = Gold Ranger

Gunmajin = Auric the Conqueror

Power Braces = Zeonizer

Battle Sticks =
King Blasters =
King Smashers =
Circle Defense Shield = Zeo 1 Power Disc or Zeo 1 Power Shield. I think it was called both.
Twin Baton Nunchucks =
Delta Tonfas =
Square Crusher Axes =
Star Riser Sword = Zeo 5 Power Sword
Big Bang Buster = Zeo Blaster

Giant Roller = Defender Wheel
OhreBazooka = Zeo Cannon
King Stick = Power Staff

Jetter Jammers = Zeo Jet Cycles.

Skyphoenix = Zeozord 5
Grantaurus = Zeozord 4
Dash Leon = Zeozord 3
Dogu Lander = Zeozord 2
Moa Loader = Zeozord 1
OhRanger Robo = Zeo Megazord
Super Crown Sword = Zeo Megazord Saber
Red Puncher = Red Battlezord
Buster OhRanger Robo = Zeo Megabattlezord

Pink Blocker = Super Zeozord 1
Yellow Blocker = Super Zeozord 2
Blue Blocker = Super Zeozord 3
Green Blocker = Super Zeozord 4
Red Blocker Super Zeozord 5
OhBlocker = Super Zeo Megazord
Twin Blockens =
Twin Blocken Crash = Super Zeo Megazord Saber
King Pyramider = Pyramidas
King Pyramider Carrier Formation = Zeo Ultrazord Carrier Mode
King Pyramider Battle Formation = Zeo Ultrazord
Tackleboy = Warrior Wheel

Mashin Teikoku Baranoia (Machine Empire Baranoia) = Machine Empire
Bakkasufundo or Bacchus-rage = King Mondo
Hisuteria = Queen Machina
Burudonto (Buldont) = Prince Sprocket
Acha = Klank
Kocha = Orbus
Baaro Hei = Cogs
Bomber the Great = Louie Kaboom
Kaizaa Burudonto (Kaizer Buldont) = Prince Gasket
Maruchiiwa Hime (Princess Multiwa) = Princess Archerina
Takonpas = Quadrafighters

Kyosuke = Tommy or T.J.
Minoru = Adam or Carlos
Naoki = Justin, there's an age difference here.
Natsumi = Tanya or Ashley
Yoko = Kat or Cassie.

In Carranger, their Sentai designated names were (color name) Race so it'd be Yellow Racer or Pink Racer.

RV Robo = Turbo Megazord
RV Sword = Turbo Megazord Saber
Violent Dash Cut = Turbo Megazord Spinout
Radial Shield =
Sirender = Robo Racer
Siren Daggers =
Siren Shield =
Wappagun =
Siren Vulcan = Synergizer Blaster Mode
Finisher move called: Signal Flash =
VRV Robo = Rescue Megazord
Victory Twister = Artillery Power Now/Artillery Power Firre
V Fire = Lightning Fire Tamer Rescuezord
V Police = Siren Blaster Rescuezord
V Dump = Thunder Loader Rescuezord
V Dozer = Star Racer Rescuezord
V Rescue = Wind Rescue Rescuezord
Victrailer = Artillatron
Scramble Intersection Robo = Turbo Rescue Megazord

Speed King Max = Visceron
Signalman = Blue Senturion
VRV Master (has identity revealed) = Phantom Ranger (has no identity revealed)

Accelchanger =
Axel Keys =
Auto Blaster = Auto Blaster
Viblade Swords =
Carnavic = Turbo Navigator
Navic Com Scanner = default mode so it doesn't have a separate name.
Navic Shot Gun =
Navic Blaster = Auto Blast Defender
Engine Cannon = Turbo Thunder Cannon
Bumper Bow = Turbo Wind Fire
Muffler Guns = Turbo Hand Blasters
Side Knuckles = Turbo Star Charges
Fender Sword = Turbo Lightning Sword
Giga Formula = Turbo R.A.M
Formula Nova Cannon = Turbo R.A.M. Cannon Mode
Giga Booster = Turbine Laser

Signizer = Synergizer
Signizer Police Baton Mode =
Signizer Gun Mode =
Signal Whistle =
Speeder Machines = Turbo Carts
Pegasus Thunder = Lightning Cruiser
Dragon Cruiser = Storm Blaster

Gynamo (leader) = Rygog (General)
Zelmoda = Elgar
Grotch = Porto
Exhaus = Goldgoyle
RitchRitchihiker = General Havoc
Braking = Metalasaurus
Norishiron 12 = Terrorzord
Marine Zaboon = Sharkzord
Zonnecar =
Sky Gigune = Divazord
Land Zuzoon = Catzord

Kenta = Andros
Kouichirou = Carlos
Shun = T.J.
Chisato = Ashley
Miku = Cassie
Yuusaku = Zhane

MegaBlack = Power Black
MegaPink = Power Pink
MegaBlue = Power Blue
MegaYellow = Power Yellow
MegaRed = Power Red
MegaSilver = Power Silver

Mega Shuttle = Shuttle, sometimes called the Astro Megazord Shuttle.
Mega Ship = Astro Megaship
Galaxy Mega = Astro Megazord
Mega Saber = Astro Megazord Saber
Mega Side Cutter (horizontal slash) =
Mega Flying Cutter (jumping slash =
Mega Dash Cutter (dashing horizontal slash) =
Mega Cross Cutter (is an X slash) =
Saber Electromagnet Whip =
Galaxy Lance (Saber can extend itself) =
Mega Flash Arrow (it's thrown like a spear) =
Mega Shield =
Booster Rifle =
Delta Mega = Delta Megaship, also known as the Delta Megazord.
Gatling Blaster = Gyro Blasters
Super Galaxy Mega = Astro Delta Megazord
Super Galaxy Knuckle = Flying Power Punch

Mega Winger = same.
Wing Cannon = Wing Blaster
Fighter Mode = no name.
Wing Mega Voyager = same name.

Voyager Machines = Mega Vehicles.
Rovoyager -1 = Mega V1
Shuttle Voyager -2 = Mega V2
Rocket Voyager - 3 = Mega V3
Saucer Voyager - 4 = Mega V4
Tank Voyager - 5 = Mega V5
Mega Voyager = same, no difference.
Voyager Spartan = Mega V3 Missile Mode Fire

Dr. Hinelar had a name in Megaranger but his Monster Form did not and this is for his Monster Form = Lost Galaxy's Furio

Yugande = Ecliptor
Guirali = Darkonda
Giga Guirail = Darkliptor
KuneKune = Craterites
Nejiranger = Psycho Rangers

Digitizer = Astro Morpher
Mega Sniper = Astro Blaster
Mega Magnum =
Mega Shot =
Drill Saber = Spiral Saber
Drill Sniper = Spiral Saber Booster Mode
Mega Rod = Lunar Lance
Rod Sniper =
Mega Tomahawk = Astro Axe
Tomahawk Sniper =
Mega Capture = Satellite Stunner
Capture Sniper =
Mega Sling = Star Slinger
Slinger Sniper =
Multi Attack Rifle = Quadroblaster
Battle Riser = Battlizer
Keitaizer = Digimorpher
Silver Blazer = Super Silverizer
Cyber Slider = Galaxy Gliders
Auto Slider = Silver Cycle
Digi Tank = Mega Tank

Ryoma = Leo
Gouki = Kai
Hikaru (boy) = Maya (girl)
Hayate = Damon
Saya = Kendrix, later on Karone replaced her.
Hyuuga = Mike
Bullblack = Magna Defender
Kurokishi or Krantz (little brother to Bullblack) = Zika (son to Magna Defender)

SeiJuuKen = Quasar Sabers
Ginga Braces = not said in-show but Bandai called them Transmorphers
Machine Blades = Transdaggers
Red's Kiba Cutter = Magna Talon
Green's Kiba Shot = Trans Blaster
Blue's Kiba Claw = Cosma Claw
Yellow's Kiba Knives = Delta Daggers
Pink's Kiba Arrow = Beta Bow
Beast Attack Rods = Quasar Launchers
Knight Axe =
Bullriot = Magna Sword/Magna Blaster

Galeo Pulsar = Red Capsular Cycle
Lights of Ginga = Lights of Orion

Gotaurus = Torozord
HeavyKnight = Mega Defender
Bulltaurus = Defender Torozord.
Giga Phoenix = Stratoforce Megazord
Giga Rhinos = Centaurus Megazord
GingaBitus = Zenith Carrierzord
Red Rhinos Gingabeast = Rhino Galactabeast
Phoenix Gingabeast = Phoenix Galactabeast
Shark Gingabeast = Shark Galactabeast
Silver Armor Sword = Galaxy Megazord Saber
Galaxy Beast King Cut =
Galcon Bowgun = Condor GalactaBeast/Galactazord Missile Mode
Gingaleon = Lion Galactabeast
Gingalcon = Condor Galactabeast
Gingaverick = Wolf Galactabeast
Gingarilla = Gorilla Galactabeast
Gingat = Wildcat Galactabeast
Gingaioh = Galaxy Megazord

Captain Zahab = Captain Mutiny
Iriesu = Hexuba
Sanbasshu = Villamax
Battobasu = Barbarax
Budou = Treacheron
Pukuratesu = Kegler
Prince Bezunera = Deviot
Daitanix = Titanisaur
Yaatotto = Swabbies

toi = Carter
Nagare = Chad
Shou = Joel
Daimon (boy) = Kelsey (girl)
Matsuri = Dana

Professor Mondo Tatsumi = Combination of Captain Mitchell and Ms. Fairweather.
Bay Area 55 = Train Bay and Rescue Bay were the 2 names it was called.

Victory Robo = Lightspeed Megazord
Ladder Bomber = Power Thrust online, Power Thrust / Lightspeed Ladder Arms Power Thrust
Red Ladder = Pyro Rescue 1
Blue Thrower = It's either Aqua or Hydro Rescue 2.
Green Hover = Aero Rescue 3.
Yellow Armor = Haz Rescue 4.
Pink Aider = Med Rescue 5.
Victory Walker = no name.
Bravor Sword = Lightspeed Megazord Saber
Grand Liner = Supertrain Megazord
GoLiners = I believe these are the Rail Rescues.
Max Shuttle = Max Solarzord
Linerboy = Max Solarzord
Max Victory Robo = Lightspeed Solarzord
Mars Machines = Omegazords
Victory Mars = Omega Megazord
Staff is called JetLance =
Finisher is called MarsFlare = Omega Missile Fire
MarsRapid (lasergun) =
Sigma Project = Lifeforce Megazord

Go Brace = Rescue Morpher
FiveLaser = Rescue Blaster
V Mode Brace = Battle Booster
Go Blaster = Thermo Blaster
V-Lancers = same name.
Green's Wing Spreader =
Pink's Tail Injector =
Blue's Build Discharger =
Yellow's Beak Driller =
Red's Claw Anchor =
Lifebird = Rescuebird
Fivelaser = Unilaser
Rescue Bike Command Attacker = Lightspeed Cycle

Zylpheeza = Diabolico
Kobolda = Loki
Diansu or Venus = Vypra
Drop = Impus
Prince Salamandes = Prince Olympius
Pierre = Jinxer
Imps = Batlings
Grandienne = Queen Bansheera

Yuuri = Jen
Tatsuya = Wes
Domon (boy) = Katie (girl)
Sion = Trip
Ayase = Lucas
Naoto = Eric
TimeFire = Quantum Ranger

Captain Ryuuga = He was mostly a counterpart of Alex but he was also a bit of a counterpart of Captain Logan as well.
Takku = Circuit
Wateru Asami = Mr. A. Collins
Asami Group = Bio Lab
City Guardians = Silver Guardians

TimeJets = Time Flyers
TimeRobo Alpha = Time Force Megazord Mode Red
TimeRobo Beta = Time Force Megazord Mode Blue
TimeJet Gamma = Time Force Megazord Jet Mode
TimeShadow = Shadow Winger. Time Shadow Megazord for its humanoid appearance.
Time Robo ShadowAlpha = Shadow Force Megazord Mode Red
Pro Divider = Shadow Force Megazord Saber
Blizzard Slash (Finisher) = Time Strike
Time Robo ShadowBeta = Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue
Pressure Gun (Finisher) = Time Target
V-Rex = Q-Rex
V-Rex Robo = Q-Rex Megazord Mode
Max Blizzard (shoulder blasters fire green beams) = same.
Flying Fist = Quantum/Q-Rex Thunder Fist
Revolver Missiles = Quantum Missiles Fire
Providas = Trans-Warp Megazord

Chrono Changer = Chrono Morpher
Time Emblem =
Arrow Vector = Chrono Saber
Spark Vector = Chrono Saber
Double Vector = Chrono Saber
Twin Slash = Time Strike
VolBlaster = V1
VolLauncher = V2
VolPulser = V3
VolVulcan = V4
VolSniper = V5
Vortech Bazooka = Vortex Blaster
Assault Mobile = Electro Booster
Assault Vector = also called the Electro Booster, wasn't given a special name.
V-Commander = Quantum Morpher
DV Defender = Quantum Defender
Defender Sword = Blade Mode
Vulcan Mode/DV Magnum = Quantum Defender Blaster Mode
Final Mode's DV Re-Freezer = Freeze Strike Mode

Chrono-Ship Yglieg = Time Ship
Time Flyer = Time Jet

Don Dorunero = Gluto
Gien = Frax
Lira or Lila = Nadira
Zenitt or Zenitto = Cyclobots

Kakeru = Cole
Gaku (boy) = Taylor (girl)
Soutarou = Danny
Kai = Max
Sae = Alyssa
Tsukumaro = Merrick
GaoWhite = White Tiger Ranager
GaoBlack = Black Bison Ranger
GaoBlue = Blue Shark Ranger
GaoYellow = Yellow Eagle Ranger
GaoRed = Red Lion Ranger
GaoSilver = Lunar Wolf Ranger

Animarium = same name.

Tetomu = Princess Shayla

Gao Warriors = Ancient Warriors... although they both wore hugely different uniforms.

Futaro = Kite

G-Phone = Growl Phone
G-Brace Phone = Lunar Caller
Beast King Sword = Crystal Saber
Lion Fang = Red Lion Fang.
Bison Axe = Black Bison Axe
Shark Cutters = Blue Shark Fighting Fins
Feather Cutters = Soaring Darts
Eagle Sword = Golden Eagle Sword
Tiger Baton = White Tiger Baton
Haja Hyakujuken = Jungle Sword
Evil dispersed = Savage Slash
Gao Mane Buster = Red Lion Blaster
Gao Hustler Rod = Lunar Cue
Falcon Summoner = same name
Wolf Roader = Savage Cycle

Power Animals = Power Animals but usually referred to as Wildzords
Gao Lion = Red Lion
Gao Iguru (Iguru means Eagle) = Eaglezord
Gao Shaku (Shaku means Shark = Shark
Gao Bison = Bison
Gao Taiga (Taiga means Tiger) = White Tiger
Gao Erefanto (Elephant) = Elepehantzord
Gao Jurafu (Giraffe) = Giraffezord
Gao Bear = Black Bear
Gao Polar = Polar Bear
Gao Gorilla = Gorilla
Gao Wolf = Wolfzord
Gao Hamma (Hammerhead Shark) = Hammerhead Shark but it was usually shortened to Hammerhead in dialogue.
Gao Ligator = Alligator
Gao Rainos (Rhino) = Rhinozord
Gao Majiro (Armadillo) = Armadillozord
Gao Deias (Deer) = Deerzord
Gao Farukon (Falcon) = Falconzord
Gao Leon = BoA calls it Black Lion Wild Zord
Gao Condor = BoA calls it Blue Condor Wild Zord
Gao SawShark = BoA calls it Saw Shark Wild Zord
Gao Buffalo = BoA calls it Bison Wild Zord
Gao Jaguar = BoA calls it Leopard Wild Zord

GaoJewels = Animal Crystals

Soul Bird = same name

GaoKing = Wild Force Megazord
Heaven and Earth's Thunderous Roaring Animal Heart = Mega Roar.
Super Animal Heart (when Soul Bird is the cockpit) =
Fin Blade =
Surging Arrow (this is when it throws the Fin Blade like an arrow)=
GaoKing Sword and Shield = Wild Force Megazord Sword and Shield Mode
Evil Crusher = Pachyderm Crusher
GaoKing Spear = Wild Force Megazord Spear Mode
Neck Thrust attack = Giraffe Spear... Fire.
GaoKing Spear and Shield (WF Megazord formation with Giraffe as arm but still using the Elephant Shield) =
GaoKing Double Knuckle = Wild Force Megazord Double Knuckle
Whirling Frenzy = Double Knuckle Bear Blaster.
GaoKing Striker = WF (Wild Force) Megazord Striker
Rhino Shoot =
Rhino Kick =
Striker Bomber (where it rapidly spins and delivers punches to an Org) =
GaoKing Another Arm = WF Megazord Predator Mode.
GaoKing Another Arm (this one was used with Giraffe as right arm and wolf as left hand) =
GaoKing Cross Horn = WF Megazord Clutcher
Bubble Capture =
Horn Crash =
GaoKing Spear and Knuckle (Giraffe as right arm, Black Bear as left arm) =

GaoMuscle = Kongazord
Muscle Anchor =
Muscle Crackers (its shoulder cannons) =
Muscle Bear Hug technique =
Muscle Lariat (Finisher) (where it strikes with energized punches) = Double Knuckle Final Strike
Bear Strike (blasts are fired from both bear mouths) =
Gao Muscle Striker = Kongazord Striker
Gao Muscle Striker Cross Horn =

Gao Hunter = Predazord
Gao Hunter Justice (this was the good form = Predazord
Predator Wave =
Evil 16-Day Old Moon Cut = Crescent Blade Boomerang

Beast Hurricane (blast that came from Alligator's mouth) =
Revolver Phantom (it dashes into an Org's with its Blade) = same
Ligator Blade =

Gao Hunter Spear = Predazord Spear Mode
Crescent Moon Spear Cut = Crescent Moon Spear Fire
Gao Hunter Double Knuckle = Predazord Double Knuckle
Gao Hunter Blue Moon = Predazord Blue Moon
Crescent Mooon Cut =
Blue Moon Heart = Blue Moon Wave

Gao Icarus = Isis Megazord
Horn Crash = Antler Crush
Neck Thrust =
Striker Bomber =
Rhino Shoot = same
Icarus Bind (this is the glare move) =
Icarus Dynamite (this is the 1 where it flip kicks the Armadillo while it is in midair) = Final Strike
Defense Mode (when it is using the Falcon's wings as a shield) =
Gao Icarus Another Arm and Foot = Isis Megazord Predator Mode
Icarus Breaker (when it dashes forward and drives the Crescent Boomerang into the Org with its Blade) = Wings of Animarium

GaoGod = Animus
Power Arrow = I believe it was called Animarian Arrow.

GaoCentaurus = Pegasus Megazord

Org = same name
Matrix = Nexus
Duke Org Yabaida = Duke Org; Jindrax.
Duchess Org Tsuetsue = Duchess Org; Toxica
Highness Duchess Org Onihime = Necronomica
Highness Duke Orgs = Org Generals
Highness Duke Org Shuten = Retinax
Highness Duke Org Ura = Nayzor
Ultimate Form Ura = Super Nayzor
Highness Duke Org Rasetsu = Mandilok
Ultimate Org Senki = Master Org
Carnage-All Demon Blade = Nexus Blade
Orgettes = Putrids
Loki = Zen-Aku

04/20/14, 09:05 PM
Yousuke = Shane
Kouta = Dustin
Nanami = Tori
Ikkou = Hunter
Isshuu = Blake

Hurricane Red = Red Wind Ranger
Hurricane Yellow = Yellow Wind Ranger
Hurricane Blue = Blue Wind Ranger
KabutoRaiger = Crimson Thunder Ranger
KuwagaRaiger = Navy Thunder Ranger
Shurikenger = Green Samurai Ranger

Wingers (the gliders the Wind Rangers use) =
Bari Thunders/Raijin Machines = Tsunami Cycles

Hurricane Gyroscope = Wind Morphers
Gourai Changer = No show name but Bandai called it Thunder Morpher
Shurikenball = Cyclone Morpher
Ikazuti Maru = Thunder Staff
Juujino Kata (the x one) =
Engetsu no Katu (shield one) =
Horn Breaker = Crimson Blaster
Stag Breaker = Navy Antler

Keitaininto Hayate Sumaru = Ninja Sword
Dry Gun = Hawk Blaster
Sonic Megaphone = Sonic Fin
Quick Hammer = Lion Hammer
Dry Gajet = Storm Striker
Double Gadget = Thunder Blaster
Victory Gadget = Thunderstorm Cannon
Shurikenzubatto = Samurai Saber
Ninja Misen = Lightning Riff Blaster
Kirai Maru = Thunder Blade

Shinobi Machines =
Hurricane Hawk = Hawkzord
Hurricane Lion = Lionzord
Hurricane Dolphin = Dolphinzord
Gorai Beetle = Crimson Insectizord
Gorai Stag = Navy Beetlezord
Tenkuujin = Samurai Star Chopper/Megazord
Revolver Mammoth = Mighty Mammothzord
Tenkusempujin = Samurai Storm Megazord
Tenugoraijin = Samurai Thunder Megazord
TenraiSenpuujin = Hurricane Megazord

Senpuujin = Storm Megazord
Senpuujin Harrier = Lightning Mode
Gouraijin = Thunder Megazord
Goraisempujin = Thunderstorm Megazord
Rolling Thunder Hurricane =
Hurricane Thunder Strike (another attack) =

Karakuri Balls = Power Spheres
Karaburi Ball 01: Sword Slasher = Serpent Sword
02: Goat Crusher = Ram Hammer
03: Totasu Hammer = Turtle Mace
Hammer Crusher (combo of 02 and 03) =
04: Plant Axe = Spin Blade
05: Gatling Leo = Lion Laser
06: Squid Attacker =
Gatling Attacker (combo of 05 and 06) = Turbine Laser
07: Furai Head =
08: Furai Knuckle =
Furai Maru = Minizord
09: Karakuri Manto = Scarf
10: Bee Spin = Bee Spinner
11: Kabuto Gani = Sting Blaster
12: Trance Spider =
13: The Stamp = Super Stamp
14: Pitashito Hitodo = Star Blazer
15: Tri Tsuno (Horns) =
16: (Tri Kanmuri (Crown) =
17 (Tri Tsume (Claws) =
Tri-Condor = Ninja Firebird

Ryouga = Conner
Ranry = Kira
Yukito = Ethan
Asuka = Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Oliver
Mikoto = Trent

AbareRed =
AbareBlue =
AbareYellow = Ptera Power Yellow Ranger
AbareBlack = Dino Thunder Black Ranger
AbareKiller =

Abare Mode = Super Dino Mode
AbareMax = Triassic Ranger

Dino Bracelet = Dino Morphers
Black's Dino Commander and Dino Harp (henshin device and key) = No show name but Bandai called it Brachio Morpher
Dino Minder (White's henshin device) = No show name but BoA called it White Drago Morpher
MaxBrace (Triassic Raner's henshin device) =
Abareizar/Aba Laser = Thundermax Laser

Tricera Bunker = Tricera Shield
Tyranno Rod = Tyranno Staff
Ptera Daggers = Ptera Grips
Dino Thruster = Brachio Staff
Wing Pentact = Drago Sword
Dino Bomber = Z-Rex Blaster
Super Dino Bomber = Z-Rex Blaster
StryaRazor = Shield/Sword of Triumph

Fire Inferno = Fire Strike
Splash Inferno =
Storm Inferno (this is the one where a gust appears and the enemy is thrown by it) =
Grand Inferno (a crack in the ground will appear and the enemy is dropped into the crack) =
DinoThruster Circle Moon = Energy Orb
Dino Thruster Head Crash (strikes the enemy in the head)

Road Raptors = Raptor Riders

Bakuryuu = Biozords/Dinozords
Bakuryuu Tyrannosaurus = Tyrannozord
Bakuryuu Pteranadon = Pterazord
Bakuryuu Triceratops = Tricerazord
Bakuryuu Brachiosaurs = Brachiozord
Bakuryuu Bakikeonagrus = Cephalozord
Bakuryuu Dimenokodon = Dimetrozord
Bakuryuu Stegosraidon = Stegozord
Bakuryuu Parasarokkiru = Parasaurzord
Bakuryuu Ankylobeirusu = Ankylozord
Top Galer = Dragozord
Bakuryuu Stryracosaurus =
DinoCarry =

Bakuryuu Gattai Abarenoh = Thundersaurus Megazord
AbarenoJi (without Pterazord) =
Bakuryuu Dengeki Drill Spin (which is when the Tyranno Tail arm spins at full speed like a drill) =
Bakuryuu Fire Burst (comes from the Tyranno mouth) =
Salmon Hunter (involves the Tyranno Tail being pulled back and being swung like a fishing pole) =
AbarenoKnuckles (with Cephalozord as right arm) =
Bakuryuu Hissastu Paki Paki Punch =
AbarenoNokodon (with Dimetro as left arm) =
Bakuryuu Hissastu Crossing Thunder =
AbarenoSraidon (with the Megazord standing on Stegozord) =
Bakuryuu Hissastu Slider =
AbarenoRokkiru (with Parasaurzord as left arm) =
Choki Choki Scissors =
AbarenoVeilus (with Ankylo as right arm) =
Bakuryuu Hissastu Double Tornado =
AbarenoVeilusRokkiru (with Parasaur as left arm and Ankylo as right arm) =
Ankylo Drill =

KilerOh = Dino Stegazord
Gale Spear (its primary weapon)
Bakuryuu Hissastu Death Stinger (the Spear is directed towards and shoots at an enemy like a Bow and Arrow) =
KillerOh "Abare Mode" =
Fillet Striker (jumps in air to gain speed and then grinds the enemy with the Stego's Tail Spikes) =
Bakuryuu Hissastu Death Combustion (the move that it looks like it's summoning blue lightning while it's firing a blue beam) =
KillerohKnucklesNokodon =
Killer Cross Thunder =

MaxOhJa = Mezodon Megazozrd
WarCraftRyuu (2 of them that Dino Carry carries but not quite certain what they are) =
RhamphoGolds (the 2 Staffs) =
Crossing Divider (when it uses the 2 Axes) =
Max Shoulder Attack (it uses the golden shoulders) =
MaxRyuuOh = Triceramax Megazord
SpinoGold (the Triceramax helmet)
KillerAbareno (the one with Top Galer on the back and the rest of the mecha standing on the Stego) =
OoabarenOh (the one that's KillerAbareno but has the SpinoGold as its helmet) =

Gairudon = Zeltrax
Barmia Hei = Triptoids

Ban = Jack (then Sky and Bridge)
Hoji + Sky (then Bridge)
Sen = Bridge
Jasmine = Z
Umeko = Syd
Doggie Kruger = Commander Anubis "Doggie" Cruger
Tetsu = Sam
Swan = Dr. Kat Manx
Lisa = no name

DekaRed = SPD Red Ranger
DekaBlue = SPD Blue (Ranger)
DekaGreen = SPD Green (Ranger)
DekaYellow = SPD Yellow (Ranger)
DekaPink = SPD Pink (Ranger)
DekaMaster = Shadow Ranger
DekaBreak = Omega Ranger
DekaSwan = Kat Ranger
DekaBright = Nova Ranger

Director General Horus/Numa O = Fowler Birdy
Buntar = Sergeant Silverback

Swat Mode = same

SP License = S.P.D. Morphers
Master License = no show name but Bandai called it Patrol Morpher
Kat's License =
BrayThrottle = Omega Morpher
Change Mode =
Phone Mode =
Judgement Mode =
D-Whopper (the handcuffs) =
SP Shooter (their civilian Blasters) =

Machine Husky (Sky's Bike, the only civilian-only vehicle that Disney brought over from Dekaranger) =

D-Knuckle (the weird things only Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink had) =
D-Rod (the sticks/rods) =
Blue's D-Sniper = Deltamax Striker
Green's D-Blaster = Deltamax Striker
Yellow's and Pink's D-Shot = Deltamax Striker
Murphy = R.I.C.
D-Bazooka = Canine Cannon
D-Sword Vega = Shadow Saber
D-Revolver = Delta Enforcer

Machine Bozer = Uniforce Cycle

Deka Machines = Delta Runners
Patstriker =
Patgyrer =
Patrailer =
Patarmor =
Patsigner =
DekarangerRobo = Delta Squad Megazord
Judgement Sword =
GyroWhopper =
Signal Cannon =
Signal Shield =
DekaBase =
Carrier = Delta Command Crawler
DekaBaseRobo = Delta Command Megazord
Knee Brace Beam =
Finger Missile =
Volcanic Buster =
DekaBikeRobo = Omegamax Cycle/Megazord
Riding DekaRangerRobo =
Super DekaRangerRobo = Deltamax Megazord
Patwing 1 =
Patwing 2 =
Patwing 3 =
Patwing 4 =
Patwing 5 =
DekaWingRobo = Swat Megazord

Agent Aburera = Broodwing

Kai = Nick
Tsubasa = Chip
Urara = Madddie
Houka = Vida
Makito = Xander
Hikaru = Daggeron
Miyuki = Udonna
Isamu = Leanbow

MagiRed = Red Mystic Ranger
MagiYellow = Yellow Mystic Ranger
MagiBlue = Blue Mystic Ranger
MagiPink = Pink Mystic Ranger
MagiGreen = Green Mystic Ranger
MagiMother = White Mystic Ranger
MagiShine = Solaris Knight
Wolzard Fire = Wolf Warrior

Tenkkuseijya (Sky Saints) = Ancient Mystics
Lunagel = Niella/Clare also Gatekeeper
Sungel = Daggeron's Ancient Mystic Mode
Raigel = Calindor's Ancient Mystic Mode
Bragel = Leanbow's Ancient Mystic Mode
Snowjel = Snow Prince
Magiel = Mystic Mother
Smokey = Jenji

Magiphone = Mystic Morphers
GripPhone (henshin device for 7th member) = Solar Cell Morpher
Fire Wolzaphone (henshin device for final member) =
Magisticks = Magi Staffs
MagiStickBowGun = Magi Staff Crossbow Mode/Crossbow/Magi Staff Crossbow
MagiStick Axe = Magi Staff Axe Mode
MagiStick Sword = Magi Staff Sword Mode
MagiMother's MagiStick = Snow Staff
Mahou Glove Magipunch = Mystic Fighters
Magilamp Buster = Laser Lamp/Solaris Laser Lamp
Shining Attack = Jenji Shining Attack
MagiDialRods = Mystic Lion Staffs
Wolabre/Jagun Shield =

Sky Hoki (Brooms) =
Skarpet (Sky Carpet) = Magic Carpet

MagiLegend (their power-up or armor) = Legend Warrior

MagiMajin = Mystic Titans
MagiPhoenix = Mystic Phoenix
Weapon = Phoenix Spin Kick = Flip Kick
Attack = Phoenix Sword
MagiGaruda = Mystic Garuda
Attack: Garuda Attack = Lightning Laser
MagiTaurus = Mystic Minotaur
Weapon: Taurus Axe
MagiMermaid = Mystic Mermaid
Weapon: Mermaid Lance
MagiFairy = Mystic Sprite
Majiren Ball = Let's Play Ball/Ball Mode
MagiDragon = Mystic Titans Dragon Formation
MagiKing = Titan Megazord
King Calibur (the Sword/Saber) =
= Ancient Power Mystic Spell Seal/Mystic Spell Seal
Magical Climax (attack consists of making multiple weapons of different sizes attacking the opponent) =
Magical Shower (it's used to cleanse a plant from a demon) =
Heaven Magic Slash (they point their Sword/Saber up and a seal appears in the sky and then it flies up and goes through the rest and the Sky Saints come down and each attack) = Spirits of the Ancient Titans, Titans Attack/Spirits of the Ancient Titans
Magic Family Slash (involves the time in which the White one was using her powers to assist in destroying the first leader) = Mystic Strike

Firekaizer = Centaurus Phoenix Megazord

Travelion = Solar Streak Megazord
Destruction Fire =

Unigolon = Brightstar
Saint Kaiser = Phoenix Unizord

Valkyrion = Catastros
WolCentaurus =
Wolkaizer = Centaurus Wolf Megazord
WolKentaurus = Centaurus Wolf Megazord
Hell Fang (Buranken's Sword) =
Jagun Shield (Wolzard's Shield) =
Wolsabre (Wolzard's Sword) = Sword from the Darkness
Wolzaphone (Necrolai uses it for magic)
Book of Prophecy = same
Slab of Judgment = Stone of Judgment

N. Ma = The Master. Other sources claim his name is Octomus.
Buranken = Morticon
Vankyuria = Necrolai
Memmi = Imperius
Wolzard = Koragg

Pantheon Gods = Ten Terrors
Ifrit = Magma
Cyclops = Oculous
Gorgon = Serpentina
Drake = Megahorn
Toad = Hekatoid
Wyvern = Gekkor
Titan = Matoombo
Sphinx = Itassis
Sleipner = Black Lance
Dagon = Sculpin

Zobiru = Hideaks
Haizobiru (High Zobiru) = Styxoid


Satoru = Mack
Inou = Will
Shouta = Dax
Natsuki = Ronny
Sakura = Rose
Eiji = Tyzonn

Accellular (changer) = Overdrive Tracker
GouGou Changer (Silver's) =

Survibuster / Surviblade (primary team uses these as a gun and Sword combo) = Drive Defender

Scope Shot (generally seen for grappling hook purposes but has other purposes) =

Survibuster Sniper Mode (combo of Blaster and Scope Shot) =

Bouken Bo / Bouken Javelin (BoukenRed's clutcher weapon that becomes a javelin grip.) = Drive Lance
Javelin Crash attack that sends fire =

Radial Hammer (BoukenBlack's long-extended hammer) = Drive Slammer
Unleashes the Hammer Break attack that sends a power blow. = It's Slammer Time

Blow Knuckle (BoukenBlue's hand held weapon that has rotating blades.) = Drive Vortex
His Knuckle Cannon attack sends a whirlwind =

Bucket Scoopers (BoukenYellow has two weapons that fit on each of her hands.) = Drive Claws
She can do the Scooper Phantom attack that sends sparking attack. =

Hydro Shooter (BoukenPink's weapon that squirts a fine line of water.) = Drive Geyser
Her Shooter Hurricane attack sends a barrage of high pressured bubbles. =

Accel Tector (the chest armor that one wears for the Dual Crasher) = Defender Vest
Dual Crasher Mixer Head/Drill Head = Tri-Laser Blaster/Drill Blaster Drill Mode

SagaSniper (Silver's) = Drive Detector
Sagaspear for melee combat and the metal detector-like Sagasu Mode and third as a laser. "Sagasu" means "to search for"). =
SagaSniper Attack: Sagastrike =
Sagaspear Attack: Sagaslash =
Special Attack: "Sniper Gatling", where he maximizes the power of the mecha and delivers a rapid-fire sparkling laser assault on the enemy. =

Golden Sword = Sentinel Sword

Gougou Vehicles = Drivemax Zords (seems as if this just refers to the first 10)
NOTE: all Gougou Vehicles are numbered so while I'll include the number I won't refer to them as Gougou Vehicle 1/2/3/4/5 etc. since all of them would have different names. It's either gougou or gogo I'm not sure which so I might end up doing both just on accident.

1. GoGoDump = Dump Driver
2. GoGoFormula = Speed Driver
3. GoGoGyro = Gyro Driver
4. GoGoDozer = Dozer Driver
5. GoGoMarine Diver = Sub Driver
6. GogoDrill = Drill Driver
7. GogoShovel = Shovel Driver
8. GougouMixer = Cement Driver
9. GougouCrane = Crane Driver
10. GogoJet = Sonic Streaker
11. GogouFire (Silver's) =
1_. GogouAider (Silver's) =
1_. GougouPolice (Silver's) =
14. GougouCommander (Red's) =
15. GougouCarrier (Black's)=
16. Gougou Fighter (Blue's) =
17. Gougou Attacker (Yellow's) =
18. GougouRoader (Pink's) =

Gougou Trailer =
DaiBouken (primary Megazord) = Drivemax Megazord
Gou Picker =
Gou Scooper =
Gougou Sword = Drive Digger Saber Mode/Drivemax Saber Combination

DaiBouken Drill = Drivemax Megazord Drill Formation
Attack: Maximum Penetration =

DaiBouken Shovel =
Attack: Shovel Knuckle =

DaiBouken Drill and Shovel =
Attack: Rising Penetration

DaiBouken Mixer = Drivemax Megazord Mixer Formation
Attack: Wall Shoot =

DaiBouken Drill and Mixer =
Attack: Hind Break =

DaiBouken Crane =
Attack: Wire Hook Punch =

DaiBouken Drill and Crane =
Attack: Lift-up Strike =

Super DaiBouken = Super Drivemax Megazord
Attack: Cannonball Headbutt and Double Arm Crash =

Ultimate DaiBouken = Drivemax Ultrazord
Attacks: Variable Typhoon and Ultimate Blaster =

Siren Builder (Silver's mecha combo) = Flashpoint Megazord

SirenBuilder Drill Shovel =
Attack: Double Arms Liquid Bomber. =

DaiTanken (combo of Jet, Mixer, Drill and Crane) = DualDrive Megazord

GogoVoyager =

DaiVoyager = Battlefleet Megazord
Finisher: Double Adventure Spin = Battlefleet Roller Maximum Power

Karths = Chillers

Souzouou Ryuuwon = Moltor
Ryuujinhei Jaryuu = Lava Lizards

Yami no Yaiba = Kamdor

Ashu Clan (group name) = Fearcats
Gai = Mig
Hyouga = Cheetar
Rei = Benglo
Ouga = Crazar


Jan = Casey
Ran = Lily
Retsu = Theo
Gou = RJ
Ken = Dominic

GekiRed = Red Ranger/Jungle Fury Red Ranger
GekiYellow = Yellow Ranger
GekiBlue = Blue Ranger
GekiViolet = Wolf Ranger
GekiChopper = Rhino Ranger

GekiChanger =
GekiNunchaku = Nunchaku
GekiTonfa = no special name. Lily calls hers Jungle Bo while Theo generally uses the separated blades.
GekiBazooka = Claw Cannon
GekiHammer = Jungle Mace
GekiFan = Jungle Fan
GekiSaber = Shark Sabers
Super GekiClaws = Claw Booster
Super Gekirangers = Jungle Master Mode
GongChanger = Wolf Morpher
SaiBlade = Rhino Morpher
SaiBlade Finger - this fires a blast like a gun or Blaster would = no name
SaiBlade Cutter (this was the blade-like form) = Rhino Blade/Rhino Morpher Super Blade
SouJyuto = Control Dagger

Fist Saints =
Master ShaFu = Master Mao
Master Elehan Kimpo = Master Phant
Master Bat Li = Master Swoop
Master Sharkie Chan = Master Finn
Master Gorrie Yen = Master Rilla
Master Pyon Biao = Master Lope
Master Michelle Peng = Master Guin

GekiBeasts = Beast Spirit Mode
GekiTiger =
GekiCheetah =
GekiJaguar =
GekiElephant = Spirit of the Elephant
GekiBat = Spirit of the Bat
GekiShark = Spirit of the Shark
GekiGorilla = Spirit of the Gorilla
GekiPenguin = Spirit of the Penguin
GekiGazelle = Spirit of the Antelope
GekiWolf =
GekiTouja = Jungle Pridge Megazord
GekiElephanTouja = Jungle Pride Megazord with Elephant Power
GekiBatTouja = Jungle Pride Megazord with Bat Power
GekiSharkTouja = Jungle Pride Megazord with Shark Power
GekiToujaWolf = Wolf Pride Megazord
GekiRinTouja (the one with the first 3 spirits plus the 2 formerly evil ones) =
GekiFire = Jungle Master Megazord
GekiSharkFire = Jungle Master Megazord with Shark Power
GekiElephantFire = Jungle Master Megazord with Elephant Power
GekiBatFire = Jungle Master Megazord with Bat Power
SaiDain = Rhino Spirit/Rhinozord/Rhino Steelzord
SaiDaiOh = Rhino Warrior Mode/Rhinozord Warrior Mode/Rhino Steelzord Warrior Mode

Rio = Dai Shi also known as Jarrod
Mele = Camille
Bae = Flit
Rinshi = same

Rin Beasts = no special name these are the zord modes for Dai Shi and Camille's animal spirits
The Three Fist Demons = Overlords
Sky Fist Demon Kata = Carnisoar the Sky Overlord
Sea Fist Demon Rageku = Jellica
Land Fist Demon Maku = Grizzaka
Five Venom Fists = Five Fingers of Poison
Kademu = Rantipede
Moriya = Gakko
Sorisa = Stingerella
Maga = Toady
Braco = Naja

Sosuke = Scott
Renn = Flynn
Saki = Summer
Hanto = Ziggy
Gunpei = Dillon
Hiroto = Gem
Miu = Gemma

Go-On Red = Ranger Red
Go-On Blue = Ranger Blue
Go-On Yellow = Ranger Yellow
Go-On Green = Ranger Green
Go-On Black = Ranger Black
Go-On Gold = Ranger Gold
Go-On Silver = Ranger Silver

Go-Phone = Cell Shift Morpher (for the first 3)
Shift Changer = Rev Morpher (just for Green and Black)
Wing Trigger = Shy Shift Morpher (just for Gold and Silver)
MantanGun = Gun Mode is called Nitro Blaster, Rod Mode is called Nitro Sword
RoadSabre = Street Saber
Garage Launcher = Turbo Cannon
Racing Bullet = Zip Charger
Highway Buster = Road Blaster
Cowl Laser = Rocket Blaster
Bridge Axe = Turbo Axe
Junction Rifle = Turbo Plasma Launcher
Super Highway Buster = RPM Enforcer
Handle Blaster (the wheel Blasters) = Wheel Blaster
Rocet Booster = Cloud Hatchet
Wing Booster = Sky Shift Laser
Double Engine Soul Kankanbar (blade looks like a crossing gate) = Rail Saber
Kankan Mantangun = Rail Blaster

Engine Souls = Engine Cells.

Speedor = Eagle Racer
Busonn = Lion Hauler
Bear RV = Bear Crawler
Birca = Tail Spinner
Gunpherd = Wolf Cruiser
Carry Gator = Croc Carrier
Toripter = BoA calls it Falcon Copter
Jetoras = BoA calls it Tiger Jet
Jum-bowhale = BoA calls it Whalezord
Kishamoth (mammoth/locomotive hybrid) =
T-line (T-Rex/Shinkansen hybrid that's white) =
K-line (Triceratops/Shinkansen hybrid that's periwinkle) =
Engine Oh = High Octane Megazord
Engine Oh Birca =
Engine Oh Gunpherd =
Engine Oh Jetripter =
Engine Oh G6 = Zenith Megazord (combo of the first 6 zords)
Engine-Oh G9 = Skyrev Megazord (combo of the first 9 zords including Gold and Silver's)
Engine-Oh 612 = RPM Ultrazord (combo of the first 9 zords and the 3 Paleozords)
GunBir-Oh = Valvemax Megazord
Seiku-Oh = Mach Megazord
Kyoretsu-Oh = Paleomax Megazord
Go-Roader GT = Road Attackzord

Yogostein = General Shifter
Kitaneidas = General Crunch
Hiramechimedes = Venjix as a Generation 14 Attack Bot
Kireizky = Kilobyte
Yogoshimacritein = Venjix

Barbaric Machine Soldiers Ugatz = Grinders
Barbaric Dohma = Venjix Drones

10/11/14, 07:25 PM
Its interesting how they used Sadam for Marvo the Magician in "Storyboo Rangers". Ah late MMPR season 2, they just dont make episodes like those anymore.

10/11/14, 07:26 PM

10/11/14, 11:59 PM
Its interesting how they used Sadam for Marvo the Magician in "Storyboo Rangers". Ah late MMPR season 2, they just dont make episodes like those anymore.

Mondo but indeed.

10/12/14, 12:24 PM
Mondo but indeed.

Thanks i almost said Marvo the Meanie lol

10/12/14, 01:49 PM
welcome, LOL, guess you had the Season 3 monster on the brain, LOL.

Sentai Is Forever
12/05/17, 12:08 AM
It looks like this board had much more respect for the greatness of Sentai based on some of the really old posts in this thread.

Inner Senshi
12/05/17, 12:09 AM
I could have done without all the petty fighting.

12/05/17, 12:13 AM
I could have done without all the petty fighting.

It was probably during the period when the original owner wasn't around. With only a few mods the board was like the wild west back then. But PR boards were in more lax back then anyway.Especially PRC and PRO. PRO was a little more tightly run when Chronoranger ran things closely.

12/05/17, 01:02 AM
It was probably during the period when the original owner wasn't around. With only a few mods the board was like the wild west back then. But PR boards were in more lax back then anyway.Especially PRC and PRO. PRO was a little more tightly run when Chronoranger ran things closely.

I barely even remember Chronoranger I think his name was Mike though right? There was once a point in time where I used to chat with him a lot but that was a LONG time ago.

12/05/17, 01:06 AM
I barely even remember Chronoranger I think his name was Mike though right? There was once a point in time where I used to chat with him a lot but that was a LONG time ago.

Yeah,weren't you on the staff back then lol

I never interacted with him directly until after I took over. Just a few times, seems like a nice guy. I was a big fan of his website, which probably isn't a shock.

12/05/17, 01:13 AM
Yeah,weren't you on the staff back then lol

I never interacted with him directly until after I took over. Just a few times, seems like a nice guy. I was a big fan of his website, which probably isn't a shock.

yup I was don't even remember what forum or forums I was assigned to be modding though.

yea he did seem like a nice guy and I was a big fan of his site as well (well from what I can remember of it) but he did have a bad problem about sticking to things.

12/05/17, 01:43 AM
yup I was don't even remember what forum or forums I was assigned to be modding though.

yea he did seem like a nice guy and I was a big fan of his site as well (well from what I can remember of it) but he did have a bad problem about sticking to things.

He was pretty active in the early years. Then he just stopped updating in 2002. He must have got busy with other things. He definitely deserves credit as the founder and flr getting the site going.

I believe we talked a bit before, but I actually contacted you originally because you were a former mod lol. Funny how you ended up back on staff eventually.

12/05/17, 01:58 AM
He was pretty active in the early years. Then he just stopped updating in 2002. He must have got busy with other things. He definitely deserves credit as the founder and flr getting the site going.

I believe we talked a bit before, but I actually contacted you originally because you were a former mod lol. Funny how you ended up back on staff eventually.

yea that he was and that he did stop updating at some point couldn't even tell you the year I'm lucky if I remember what I did yesterday and yea you're probably right that he got busy with other activities but he does deserve credit.

LOL that's funny no wait that's even more funny.

12/07/17, 12:01 PM
It looks like this board had much more respect for the greatness of Sentai based on some of the really old posts in thos thread.

people do have respect for Sentai but there's a difference between what you want and we want since we don't want Power Rangers becoming Sentai that's just insulting to us when you Sentai fans already have YOUR SENTAI.

Blastr Zack
12/07/17, 12:18 PM
I don't mind Sentai. But I'd rather watch Power Rangers.