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04/08/02, 10:51 PM
Hey I created a Power Rangers fan fic.....so far it only has 2 stories on it but I'm planning to add more......if you'd like to look at it here's the site address www.georgekoch.com/Isaiah/Isaiah.htm (http://www.georgekoch.com/Isaiah/Isaiah.htm)

Cross My Line
04/08/02, 11:11 PM
and you didn't post this in the fanfic forum like everyone else because......?

04/08/02, 11:46 PM
Because this is the Power Rangers board most people go to

Cross My Line
04/09/02, 12:09 AM
So what? The fanfic forum is there for a reason. To post fanfics in. What makes you so special, that you think you can post it here unlike everyone else?
Follow the damn rules.

04/09/02, 01:13 AM
Well excuse me for not knowing I HAD TO put it in the fan fic message board area

04/09/02, 06:12 PM
Two words - Self Explanatory!.

04/09/02, 06:53 PM
Ugh! Simon you are getting on my nerves bashing other people all the time, what makes you so special that you need to put people down all the time?

Cross My Line
04/10/02, 04:17 PM
Hey look, its "Miss Righteous".

People who bitch, never have a hard time of finding other people who bitch. Think about that.

And if you actually looked at other posts this guy has made, before coming here to slag me off, you'd realise how stupid you've just made yourself look.

Have fun.

04/10/02, 07:57 PM
I'm not just talking about this guy, I was only making an example, and you're the one who starts the trouble why can't you ignore posts instead of putting them down?

Cross My Line
04/10/02, 09:30 PM
If you think I'm going to ignore people, you obviously don't know me at all.