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01/25/04, 11:01 PM
I think it's clear that we need to get this board back in shape if we want to get PRO back in the community. We need someone to be an admin; i think it's clear that Mikey isn't coming back (unfortunately...)

A year or so ago, I contacted EZBoard to see if I could gain the admin powers, and it seemed as if this was possible, as long as the proposed admin had the support of everyone who posted; unfortunately a few idiots stopped my from becoming the Absolute Dictator of the Wor...err, admin of this board :rollin

Would you agree this should be tried again? Has this been tried again? Should we all try to become admins??

01/26/04, 12:41 PM
Read my reply in this topic:

pub49.ezboard.com/fpowerr...1134.topic (http://pub49.ezboard.com/fpowerrangersonlinefrm1.showMessage?topicID=1134.t opic)

I forgot about the rank titles when posting. we should change the rank titles. Those long rank titles is too long too. We can discuss on the rank titles later.

01/26/04, 04:15 PM
Yes MIChaos I think it would be a good idea for you to try become admin again. The three of us could be come admins plus Quasar Ranger( another member of our team who is interestid in restoring the legacy of PRO). After that we don't really need anymore admin or mods ( unless past mods come back). Either way we will support you this time if you are given the chance to become admin. If you could become Ezop that would be great. But Admin will be more than suffficant.

Quasar Ranger tried to ask Mike if she could get the board last summer but didn't want to give it to her since he was still too attached to the site. Quasar Ranger was going to ask him again if he ever showed up on aim again but who knows when he will appear again. Anyway I think the best way to go is for you to try to become EZop or at least an admin again. All of the missguided few who stpped you before are gone.

As for the board, I think you are right it needs some changes. We need to delete most of the posts and forums. Some of the later posts we made in the last few weeks could be kept. I think we should start simple and have three forums. Have a General PR descussion forum. Than we can have a site and message board comment section. Lastly we should have an archived topics section that contains some of the old topics that we think were worth keeping. Forums like fanfic, off topic, advertisements sections ect. are not needed yet.

I think it is best to keep the forums simple for now due to the fact we have to rebuild the board traffic. Once traffic gets to an acceeptable level and the general descussion forum starts to become cluttered with fanfic topics and advertisements than we can slowely add such extra forums as they are needed. Look at rangerboard Ray started with three forums and slowly built from there once things became too cluttered in the general descussion forum.

Kamen Rider Decade
01/26/04, 04:44 PM
I'm all for it.

01/26/04, 07:30 PM
Click Here. (http://pub159.ezboard.com/fezboardadministrationhelp.showMessage?topicID=436 03.topic)

Kamen Rider Decade
01/26/04, 08:28 PM

01/27/04, 02:27 PM
I also posted there yesterday or I think it as the other day I posted there.

Anyways, we should also delete some of the multiple usernames that has the same email address or same ip address (Astromegazord for an example, he had so many usernames). I had a few here so we should get rid of my other ones too (I believe the other ones was pyrolionranger, titaniumblue, blazing lion "pretty sure I posted here in that name before", and Timeblue)

Kamen Rider Decade
01/27/04, 03:23 PM
I agree with BlueRangerForever multiple usernames should be deleted.