View Full Version : Episode 12 - United as One

09/14/14, 05:35 PM
This aired in Russia recently so here's the discussion thread for this episode even though we won't be getting it here in the U.S. until September 27th since this Saturday is September 20th and that's Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play which means there will be no new episode on September 20th.

09/16/14, 08:36 PM
This was a pretty good episode despite a lot of the errors in it.

Legendary Q-Rex Megazord was nice to see.
Apparently the footage tells us that the Q-Rex Megazord's cockpit is inside its head and the same thing with the Legendary Megazord.

The Emma scenes were great to see, it was especially funny with the wedding scene.

Now the errors.

Thundermax Saber Blaster Mode.
Incorrect role calls for Legendary Mode Dino Thunder
Incorrect pose for Yellow Dino Ranger
Dino Rampage

Thundermax Saber Blaster Mode was actually supposed to be Thundermax Laser.
Dino Thunder typically went with (Dino) power (color) Ranger so for Kira it would have been "Ptera Power Yellow Ranger."
Yellow Dino Ranger's pose was a bit off.
Dino Rampage was never given a name.

09/28/14, 03:33 PM
'United As One' is a good episode. Emma's plan to get the happiness back by disguising herself as various people is a good idea and hasn't appear in Power Rangers until now. I just wish that a member of the Dino Thunder Rangers made an appearance in this episode. I can't wait for the legendary battle to happen. :rolleyes: