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Default Hall of Fame Inductee 3: Manny Perez

Manny Perez is our third inductee for the PRO Fandom Hall of Fame. He is going into the Fandom Contributors Wing. If Ray's Calderon is the father of the modern fandom....Manny is the father of the old.

In the early days of the fandom, Manny noticed that there we're really no good Power Rangers websites. In 1996 Manny created the Morphing Grid website. It provided a guide to Power Rangers and its characters. The layout and graphics would be considered basic by todays's standards. But the internet was a very different place. And the site was the most impressive out of any site at that point. The site also had fan fics and many fan essays. The site had extensive links.

The Morphing Grid was what PRC would later become for the fandom. It inspired webmasters like Ray Calderon to create their own websites. Morphing Grid was considered among the big three websites ( being PRC, PROA, and the Morphing Grid itself). The site never had a domain ( like pretty much every PR fan site at the time) yet that didn't stop the site form becoming popular

The site was almost too popular for its own good as this was the beginning of the internet and the idea of fan sites. Saban Entertianment became uncomfortable with the existiance of a fan site like Morphing Grid for legal reasons. So they ordered Manny to shut the site down. Terri Ann ( a infulencial Power Rangers fan herself) contacted Saban Entertainment on Manny's behalf and convinced them to let Morphing Grid stay up. Manny put up a disclaimer to make it clear that he had no involvement with the show.

Even after updates to the Morphing Grid stopped the site remained online. The fandom slowly passed it by as PRC and Message Boards became the future. But the site itself remained up several years before the webhost took it down. The site is still archived on the Way Back Machine Website.

Amit Bhaumik wrote a tribute to Manny in "Forever Red". Where a kid named Manny argues with a kid named Ray about his favorite Rangers. A scene that was cut and later came out online.

Today, Manny is long gone as a contributor to the fandom. And many people coming into the fandom now might not know of him or understand the full scope of his importance. But one can't deny that the Morphing Grid played a huge role in the early history of the fandom. So Perez impacted the fandom in a huge way. Making him a deserving inductee to the PRO Hall of Fame.
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